Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy three-day weekend

If it's possible for a cat to meow incredulously, Minnie did this morning. She woke up from her morning nap, came into the bathroom to see what Mom was up to (and maybe cadge a drink of water from the spiffy new faucet), and uttered a loud, prolonged mmrrraaaoowwww! that sounded like it might translate thusly:

"MOM, what the heck is this?? More blue tape? More stinky smells?? Didn't you finish with this already? When are you going to quit messing with stuff in here and get back to our proper routine???"

Sorry, pussycat--the work is still in progress. I did take several evenings' rest during my first work-week back on the job, but it was back to the fixer-upper today. This weekend's project: putty and sand the last few holes, tape everything off, paint behind the toilet with a very loooooong-handled roller brush (which worked great, Sister D.!), do other touch-up painting here & there, and, finally, paint all the trim, three coats, starting with primer. Working all day, with a longish lunch break, I got through the primer stage. Ye gods, am I tired now! I also went back to my second home (Home Depot) and got more handy-dandy little foam brushes, foam roller brush heads (love those things!), a garden hose (the contractor somehow crushed the nozzle on my old one), and a new color of paint for the outside of the bathroom door. That last thing, of course, started something.

The trim throughout my house is a sort of terracotta color, a bit on the dusty-pink side, which I don't really care for anymore, and which really doesn't go very well with my new bathroom tile. I compared my paint chips and tile with several Behr alternatives and chose Sunset Beige instead (go to and use their Virtual Color Center to see a sample). That'll go on the outside of the door (Cotton Fluff, the trim color, will go on the inside). Well, you know what happens if I change the color on the outside of the door--eventually, I'll have to repaint all the trim throughout the house. So I got a big ol' can of Sunset Beige and will paint trim elsewhere in the house whenever the spirit moves me. :)

Gotta finish the bathroom first, of course.


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Don't you just love those projects that never end???!!!

las794 said...

Gawd, you ain't kiddin'!

sunflowerlady said...

I come up with a decent idea every once in awhile...