Friday, July 31, 2009

Well, nuts...

I've gained back 4 of the 16 pounds I lost--way too many Dr Peppers and not enough exercise lately, no doubt. Now that all the remodeling work is done, I guess I'd better go back to exercising. Jeez, I hate exercising--it's so BORRRRING, all that pointless, going-nowhere movement. But I guess it isn't really pointless, and if you want to think of it as going somewhere, you could say you're moving toward a healthier "you".

Still. Hmpf.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another hybrid in the fold EEvil plan is working--another hybrid just appeared on our office parking lot! Yesterday, one of my coworkers bought a shiny new silver 2010 Toyota Prius and I got to see it today. He said, "It's the weirdest thing I've ever driven," but he likes it big-time. Of course!

Friday, July 24, 2009

One more bathroom pic

Sister A. made this nice sheer ecru shower curtain for me with a fancy checkerboard-pattern border at the top which echoes my glass tiles. I put a thin ecru liner behind it, which really enhances the color (and, of course, keeps the shower water in the tub). I likes it.  :)

One of my workmates, upon learning that my cat's name is Minnie, just asked where Mickey is (har har). You'd think one of the many ferals to pass through my yard since Minnie became my housemate would have wound up with that name--but, nope! Well, I've got a skinny "blond" feral now for whom I've been trying to think of a name. So he's Mickey now.

BTW, Minnie acquired her name because she looked like a miniature Maine Coon. Turned out she was just slinking around with her belly low to the ground before she became confident of her safety in my yard. But her name suits her.

Foggy Friday

It was actually sunnier than this photo shows, but I was shooting straight into the sun and my camera's just a lil ol' point-&-shoot. (Click photo to biggify.) This is the Ranching Heritage Center next door to my office parking lot. I love fog....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post-remodel rest

Even though work drives me nuts sometimes (especially while I'm struggling to catch up after three weeks off to supervise remodeling), and despite the fact that my back has been a pain for several days, this week has been an oasis of rest. I'm even almost looking forward to working Saturdays for the next month and a half to make up for all the time I was out (almost--not quite). On the other hand, if I'm not going to be slaving over a hot bathroom anymore, I guess I'd better start exercising again instead of lazing on the couch with TV and crossword puzzles. But not right now--next week is good.  :)

Leo certainly got his exercise this morning. He caught and dispatched a mouse somewhere and had a ball tossing it around for quite a while before finally settling down to snack on it. And to think I used to get in trouble for playing with my food....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Before and after

Here are the final photos of my finished bathroom. I thought a little "before and after" comparison would be fun. The difference between them is staggering....

There were some boo-boos, of course--the shower head and water handle line up with each other, but they don't exactly line up over the faucet and overflow plate in the tub--they're a bit far to the right. By the time I noticed that, it was too late to fix it, but it's fine--I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart won't come "git me" because of it. And in my rush to get the trim painted, I completely forgot to sand the rough edges of the new wood--oops! I'll take care of that someday (maybe). Also, I haven't put the robe hooks up on the back of the door yet, but I'll get to it soon. Just not today, onaccounta my back totally gave up on me as soon as I got home from running errands this morning. Owwww....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

End of project--for real

Oh, man, I am so glad to see the end of this remodeling project. And I'm delighted with how my bathroom turned out, now that everything is painted and cleaned up. I'm even pleased with the additional window frosting--Stella the Stand-in tested it for me after dark and found it perfect.  :)

Pix tomorrow--I'm too pooped to pop tonight.

Friday, July 10, 2009

One more day...

Tomorrow should--no, WILL--be the last day I have to work on my bathroom. I'll paint the door and one little bobble on the side of the vanity, and spray-frost the edges and sides of the window a bit more (where the frost is a bit thin for me), and that will be IT. A little cleaning, then I can totally relax, at least where the bathroom is concerned. I'm so glad, too, because my back and knees are really tired of all this climbing & standing & bending over & squatting to paint.  :P

Minnie is sure having fun with the new sink. I've gone into the bathroom in the morning and she'll already be sitting in the sink, cat-loaf style, with only her eyes and ears poking up over the edge, like some furry Kilroy. It's so funny!

I've needed that funny, too--this has been a fractured, chaotic, stressful week, for some reason. Misalignment of stars, no doubt....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Painting is done (for now)

All the trim painting is done, hallelujah! Boy, am I wrecked--two and a half days of painting will do that to ya. During this phase of remodeling work, I learned that blue painter's tape will, indeed, pull latex paint off the walls--not everywhere, but enough to keep you dabbing spots with a tiny brush well after the main job of painting is done. Apparently, even a week isn't long enough to ensure that the paint won't come off if you have to tape over it. Most annoying.

I still need to paint the outside of the door and the trim around it, but I've got to do first-of-the-month and regular weekend stuff with the remainder of this day, so door-painting will have to wait until next weekend. A little rest would be nice, too. And a SHOWER.  :P

Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy three-day weekend

If it's possible for a cat to meow incredulously, Minnie did this morning. She woke up from her morning nap, came into the bathroom to see what Mom was up to (and maybe cadge a drink of water from the spiffy new faucet), and uttered a loud, prolonged mmrrraaaoowwww! that sounded like it might translate thusly:

"MOM, what the heck is this?? More blue tape? More stinky smells?? Didn't you finish with this already? When are you going to quit messing with stuff in here and get back to our proper routine???"

Sorry, pussycat--the work is still in progress. I did take several evenings' rest during my first work-week back on the job, but it was back to the fixer-upper today. This weekend's project: putty and sand the last few holes, tape everything off, paint behind the toilet with a very loooooong-handled roller brush (which worked great, Sister D.!), do other touch-up painting here & there, and, finally, paint all the trim, three coats, starting with primer. Working all day, with a longish lunch break, I got through the primer stage. Ye gods, am I tired now! I also went back to my second home (Home Depot) and got more handy-dandy little foam brushes, foam roller brush heads (love those things!), a garden hose (the contractor somehow crushed the nozzle on my old one), and a new color of paint for the outside of the bathroom door. That last thing, of course, started something.

The trim throughout my house is a sort of terracotta color, a bit on the dusty-pink side, which I don't really care for anymore, and which really doesn't go very well with my new bathroom tile. I compared my paint chips and tile with several Behr alternatives and chose Sunset Beige instead (go to and use their Virtual Color Center to see a sample). That'll go on the outside of the door (Cotton Fluff, the trim color, will go on the inside). Well, you know what happens if I change the color on the outside of the door--eventually, I'll have to repaint all the trim throughout the house. So I got a big ol' can of Sunset Beige and will paint trim elsewhere in the house whenever the spirit moves me. :)

Gotta finish the bathroom first, of course.