Saturday, June 6, 2009

"We are go for launch..."

Yesterday morning, I met with my contractor for the second time--or, rather, we did, Sister A. and I. I wanted her there because she's done this remodeling thing way more often than I have (which is never). The estimate remains close to what he gave me before, with just a little added for the labor of installing two ceiling fans in the living room and bedroom (since he'll have an electrician on-site, anyway, I might as well take advantage of it). The contractor will be back sometime this weekend with a contract for me to sign, then demolition starts Monday! Not a moment too soon, either, because there's a wet spot in the hallway in front of the furnace closet where all those leaks are, and it's getting bigger.

So, having no time to waste, A. & I toured the local home improvement stores with my nicely prepared project book (with shopping list, of course), buying up supplies for the bathroom's makeover, including a big new window which was real interesting getting into the backseat of her car. Other supplies I'd ordered online arrived Friday and Saturday. There are only two (non-critical) items left, and they've been ordered (I couldn't find them locally). Lemme tell ya, the Internet is a beautiful thing. I couldn't have gotten all this research, price comparison, list-making, and shopping done nearly as easily without it!

Poor Minnie, she is going to hate all the noise and disruption so much! I hope she doesn't get another urinary upset from all this, like she did last time a fella was in here working on the furnace. But there's no choice--this remodel must be done now before my house floats away.

We made one pretty major change in the design/materials; we switched from Tuscany Gold tile to one called Montagna Soratta (see pix), which goes even better with my fixtures, paint, and glass tiles than the T.Gold did!

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