Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday prep

Busy day today: in addition to regular chores, I revamped my household budget a bit, updated my remodeling budget with yesterday's expenditures, spray-painted the metal parts of the sconces for the bathroom (with Sister A's help, and they look pretty darn good), moved all my clothes & a little dresser out of my bedroom closet so the construction guys can get to the back of the bathtub through the little door in the closet, and generally got as prepared for demo as I can until tomorrow morning, when I move every bit of my stuff out of the bathroom so the guys can start. Oy vey, here we go....

I wish I could explain to Minnie that this is going to be a Good Thing, even though her routine will be disrupted for a week or so.

Sister A's a lucky devil in all this--she went home this morning, and when she comes back to help paint and put up pretties, voila! the bathroom will be magically beautiful and nearly finished!  :D

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