Friday, June 12, 2009

See hole. See cat in hole.

See cat in hole that leads to crawlspace under house. See Mom freak out, certain that she's going to have to call the fire department to get Minnie outta there.

Fortunately, Minnie came out on her own, and I blocked up that hole right away! Minnie was miffed.


T said...

Oh boy!! It is always something isn't it.

When do you think you will have the Air fixed? I just can not imagine not air! I have a friend who lives in Texas and she can not stand the heat and the humidity, so everyday, she is always complaining about it to me.

Our desert heat in Vegas is awful, I love my A/C. I hope you don't have to go too long with out it.

Minnie, very cute picture, but thank goodness she came out on her own!

las794 said...

Yep, always--with houses *and* with cats! I haven't heard from the plumber yet; sure hope he finds a board for me today, cuz it'd be a looooooong weekend without AC.

Daisy said...

Wowie! That looks like a fun hiding spot. It reminds me of when I climbed into the little hole under the kitchen cabinets and wouldn't come out.