Thursday, June 18, 2009

Minnie's post-hotel recovery

Being mostly confined to a smallish cage at the PetsHotel, among strangers, for three nights and most of four days left Minnie a bit skittish, needy, and--most unusual for her--loud. I've rarely heard such loud meows out of my girl as I did yesterday when I brought her home! It was like she was shouting for someone to let her out of the cage, even after she was already out. (Yeah, Mom's got a slight case of the guilts.) And she couldn't settle on whether she wanted in or out of the house--I mean, even more than cats usually carry on about closed doors. Again anthropomorphizing, it was as if she couldn't stand to be confined anywhere, even her own house; but on the other hand, she didn't want to be away from familiar ol' Mom for very long. I let her in and out several times yesterday--didn't feel like I could get onto her for fickleness, considering how long she'd been shut away from home & hearth.

Minnie's better today, though, even with the contractor here doing various noisy things. Her meows are somewhat quieter, she's eating normally, and enjoying being able to stretch out wherever she darn well pleases. She even ventured out of her favorite napping places a few times to see what was going on in the bathroom. She's still not crazy about all the noise, but that will soon be coming to an end...despite my near-certainty, at times, that I'd be living in a construction zone forever.  :)

Minnie definitely has a nice new cat tree coming so she can get up on the tall dresser in the bedroom. For all she's gone through lately, she's earned a lofty perch!

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Daisy said...

I'm glad Minnie is settling down, and even happier that she will get a cat tree. Hooray!