Saturday, June 13, 2009

Minnie's on vacation... a swanky hotel for a few days. Well, it's PetSmart's pet hotel, but it looks nice. My AC part never came in, and it turned out that the idiot who was supposed to overnight it here sent it by ground instead, which means I won't have AC until Monday or possibly even Tuesday. The heat's worse today than yesterday, and I had to get Minnie out of it before she got sick from it, so I decided to try the pet hotel. There just wasn't anything else I could do. I hope it's not too noisy in there. The store itself is so noisy anymore.

I'll probably spend tomorrow at the office, since I won't have to be here to monitor floor fans for Minnie, so I'll be OK during the day. In the evening, it's back to the sweat-box, of course.

It's gonna take some pretty thorough spit-baths to make me even halfway decent for human society. My kingdom for a tin tub....


T said...

Oh darn! I feel so bad for you!
Good thinking about the pet hotel. I am sure it will be ok. Much better for Minnie, health wise...but you, oh my, try and take it easy. It is so easy to get sick when you can not cool off.

Congrats on the continued weight loss, you are doing so good!

Daisy said...

I hope Minnie has fun at the pet hotel!