Friday, June 26, 2009

Frosting on the cake

...or, rather, on the window. This photo was intended to show you a newly spray-frosted window, but that's basically showing you a blurry nothing, so instead you may admire my masking efforts. It took two cans of Rustoleum spray-frost, but I think I got the window opaque enough for my modesty. After dark, I'll hang a big drawing of a naked lady in the shower and go outside to see if I get a peep show.  :D

Sure hope that stuff doesn't come off in mid-shower. I'd much rather have bought a window with factory-etched glass, but I didn't have time--the leaks that I thought were caused by bathroom-related piping shoved my remodeling timeline way up and I had to make do with an in-stock window and do my own "etching".

So that was my morning project. My afternoon and evening project is to CLEAN UP!


T said...

I'm just catching up. Wow!! Looks great. I like the closet shelves, very nice. The ceiling fans are very pretty too!

I do like the tile above the window, I think that was a great idea.

Sorry about the a/c leak, but thank goodness he fixed that in no time, geez, after all this, you don't need anymore leaks.

I have to laugh, when you mentioned "round tuit", I have some coins that say round tuit on them I received from an old boss that passed them out to all of his employees, so when we said "when we get a round tuit", LOL, he gave them to us.:)

las794 said...

LOL--that's great! One of my sisters had a big red plastic "round tuit" when we were kids. :)