Sunday, June 21, 2009

Days 9 and 10: Fixtures, sink (sorta), paint, and a shower at long last!

Yesterday morning, my contractor showed up early, as promised and despite a steady rain, to finish his part on the walls. I really didn't expect him to come, since he blew off the last two rainy days, but was delighted to see his truck after Sister A. and I got back from breakfast, shopping, and returning some unused materials to Home Depot. When we got home, he'd finished the walls, hooked up the shower/tub fixtures, set the sink, and was struggling manfully to get the sink faucet to work right. The tub faucet needs to be straightened, and there was a little piece missing (or lost) from the handle (it still works, thank goodness, but the missing piece keeps the handle from being pulled off). The sink faucet seemed to have no water pressure, although the pressure was fine in the connections under the sink, so there's something wrong in the installation of the faucet itself (or so I would deduce). He'll tackle the faucet again Monday and I sincerely hope he just cuts to the chase and calls the plumber.

Another thing I'm going to have him do is add a stripe of glass tiles across the top of the big tiles on the window wall--that little smidgen of tile above the window looks unfinished. He'll stairstep the glass tiles on the side walls the way he did at one end of the vanity.

Back to plumbing, though: When the contractor got ready to leave, the toilet was still sitting in the tub. He told me how to put it back where it belongs and said to call him if I had any problems. Uh, right--expect a call, dude.

Now, call in the paint crew! A. and I got down to sanding the walls to prep for painting. Sanding walls really sucks, but we finally got through it, dusted the walls and ceiling, and moved on to primer. That was a bit of a drag, too, but mostly because I was so tired after sanding all the high places, including the ceiling (I'm about 4" taller than A., which is why I got the "top jobs").

After we finished painting with primer, we tried to lift the toilet out of the tub. It will probably come as no surprise that we couldn't shift it, not with our noodly arms, and anyway I wasn't at all sure we'd set the thing in the right place. So I tried to call my contractor, without luck, then called the plumber he uses (and who is now officially my regular plumber) and they sent a fellow out to fix it for us. That's on a Saturday around 5:30pm. I'm sure it'll cost me a fortune, but that's fine by me--at least I know the toilet is set right and permanently.

We had supper after the plumber left, then cleaned out the tub, and I got to inaugurate the new shower. O wow o wow o wow--not only was it wonderful just getting clean for the first time in two weeks, but that mini rain-can shower head is fabulous in its own right!

We had no oomphs left after all that sanding and painting, so we just vegged after our showers, then hit the hay. This morning, we put on the first coat of Behr Orange Glow wall paint. It's beautiful--so warm and sunny! A. had to go home after that, so I get to do the second coat myself, but it won't be too bad now that I know what I'm doing.

Tell ya what, though, next time I remodel a room, I'm bidding out the painting, too. It's a lot like work!


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

It's looking really nice!

T said...

That is looking so very pretty. I really like the colors too!!

I can not believe he told you to basically set the toilet yourself. WOW!!!