Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 8: Grout, mud, and various other substances

Today, my builder has put trim on the outside of the new window, built a frame for the water-heater closet's new door to hang on (whenever we get the door), closed up a big-a$$ hole in the ceiling over the water heater (previous homeowners did a lot of weird things), "mudded" the walls (I think--there's also "floating" in there somewhere), has grouted the shower/tub area tiles, and is now grouting the vanity tiles. He promises I'll be able to take a bath after he's done today, and I'll even be able to brush my teeth at the bathroom sink instead of in the kitchen!

Ah--looks like he's finished the vanity and is currently grouting the floor. Now how's he gonna get back in there to install my fixtures? Guess we'll see!

Update, 5:00pm: OK, no bath tonight. Will he come back and hook up the fixtures tomorrow, on a Saturday? Dunno yet (I'm guessing not). He didn't even want to put the old toilet back because it leaks so badly now. I suggested getting the new one and installing that. He didn't really want to do that, either, onnaccounta letting the grout set, but I insisted. Sister A, the other half of the painting team, is coming tonight, and we are both female, and we both need facilities--we can't just go out and water the yard (not easily or hygienically, anyway).

No bathroom sink tonight, either, but that's hardly critical.

If he had shown up at 8:30 this morning instead of around 10:30, we wouldn't have this problem.


T said...

Ah Progress!!! Looking good so far. Nice to see things moving along!

Minnie does deserve a new tree!!
She is a trooper.

Tiger Lily said...

Your experience makes my Mom glad we have two bathrooms!