Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 7: Vanity and floor

The pre-built part of the vanity is in place, as is the vanity top which will extend 9" to the left of the vanity to cover a little shelving space; that part is still in progress. The floor tile is down and looks great!

Snazzy curtain in the background, huh? That's an old sheet clipped over a tension bar. Otherwise, I'd be peeing before a live audience.

Update, 6:14pm: I've added more pix to Flickr through the end of the workday. All the tile is installed, and I love it! I can't believe this is my bathroom! I have to be careful using the old leaky toilet so it doesn't mess up the tiles, but that's temporary (I hope the new toilet is going in at end of day tomorrow, but I'm not sure). Tomorrow, for sure, the contractor will finish the walls, change the skinny light-switch box for a regular wide 2-toggle one (I appreciate the effort to save space, but I can't find a vertical 2-toggle switchplate cover anywhere), grout the tile, and finish putting up the bath/shower fixtures so I can finally wash my disgusting hide! WOO-HOO! That's after I clean the 17 tons of crud out of the tub, of course.  :)

Next step: painting!

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Fin said...

Wow that looks really pretty!!