Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 6: Tile and design change

Today is Tile Day! And since nothing goes as smoothly as planned, we've made rather a big design change. You'll notice in the photo that the glass tile is not in the originally planned wide stripe. It's also not the originally chosen glass tile. My contractor had one wall tiled this morning before I noticed that the glass tile wasn't included. So we discussed fixing that, and while holding the glass tile up to the Montagna Soratta tile, I just had to give in to the misgivings I'd been having about that glass tile since we switched the color of the big tile. The rough-textured glass tile, with its colors that went so well with the Tuscany Gold, just didn't seem to go well with Montagna Soratta. Also, frankly, the idea of the wide accent stripe has been bugging me--it just seems like too much in this little bathroom. And since the window is bigger than what I originally planned and the recessed shelf in the shower/tub area is lower, the big stripe wasn't going to land in the right place on both sides of the room. All around, it was time to amend the plan.

My tiler/contractor/etc. showed me some pix of narrow glass tile stripes and they looked a lot better. So off we went to Home Depot to choose a different glass tile (see Flickr for a closer look at it). And he's in there now putting it all up. It's looking really good. We'll also use the new glass tile for the back- and sidesplash on the vanity; that'll tie the two ends of the room together.

We won't be painting a stripe of accent color around the bathroom now. The broad stripe is out of place, and a skinny one would look silly, so I'm just going to make it easy on the painters (one of which will be yours truly). I think it'll look fine that way.

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