Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 5: Many good things happening!

First and foremost, I got my kitty out of hock!

Minnie was very ready to come home--in fact, she almost busted out of her carrier at the PetsHotel checkout desk when I tried to push her little catnip carrot in with her. I grabbed Minnie and the checkout girl very nicely put the carrier back together (it crashed to the floor during Minnie's struggle). She howled all the way home, as usual, and has been walking around the house, hiding under various things, coming alongside me for pets a lot, and whalin' the tar out of her scratching posts. She also seized the moment while the contractor was outside getting another piece of sheetrock and tried to crawl into that hole behind the tub again! Fortunately, I was able to grab her before she got down there and kept her out of the way until the hole was covered. My furry little handful....

Another good thing: the AC is fixed! A tech finally turned up late yesterday afternoon and got it fixed, so I had a cool night. I decided to leave Minnie at the hotel one more night because I had to go in to the office for a few hours and knew she'd be double-freaked if she had to be home alone all that time after just being released from "prison." The AC's still working today, so I think maybe that problem is finally solved.

Third good thing: sheetrock is going up and the bathroom is beginning to look like a room again instead of a construction zone! I've put up pix of everything, including Minnie, on my Flickr site.


T said...

Woo Hoo!! The A/C is back on!! What a relief!

Things are moving forward, that is wonderful news.

Minnie is just beautiful, so funny how she went directly to that hole! Very good thing you are on top of things and took care of that, so she doesn't accidentally disappear!

I was looking at the Flicker photos, LOL at the paint colors matching Minnie, So Funny!!

Daisy said...

A/C again is a good thing, and Minnie back home is an extra-good thing! Hooray!