Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 4: Window

Today's work consisted entirely of putting in the new window; no sheetrock work was done--my contractor says he'll do all that tomorrow. We'll also need trim around the outside of the window. I also mentioned the total lack of insulation in that wall, so he'll add a little of that. (There's a much larger dearth of insulation in the attic, but I can only handle one project at a time.)

This project is moving slower than I hoped, principally because the contractor never works a full day. Is that normal? If I could be sure he'd lock the place up whenever he leaves on the spur of the moment to pick up tools or check on his guys elsewhere or whatever, I'd go back to the office and leave him to it, but I'm not sure he'd remember.

On a house-related note, I'm still boiling here--still no AC. The part has arrived, probably--my plumber's actually in another city, so the secretary or whoever told him a box arrived for him and he thinks it's the motherboard. And, of course, all the techs are busy, but he left a message to have the first one available come out and install my motherboard. So we're still waiting, and I still can't leave the house in case, by some miracle, a plumber shows up.

Roast, boil, sear, broil, sauté, fry, poach, steam, parboil, bake, stew, fricassee....

And I haven't been able to visit Minnie yet today, dammit.

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T said...

Thanks for keeping us updated!

When you first posted about the remodeling job, I never would have guessed this was going to take this long, and so many complications!!

This is normally how my life goes!

That is weird that your contractors on not putting in full days. Perhaps because they do several jobs in one day? Hmmm.

I'm thinking of you and keeping paws and fingers crossed for cool air soon!!