Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 3: "Where'dja put the fart-fan?"

That was my contractor's question after he'd gotten things ready to put up the exhaust fan. I LOL'd totally. Well, that's one use for it!  :D

No work got done yesterday, owing to a tremendous thunderstorm in the morning (not sure why they didn't work in the afternoon, after the weather cleared up, but there you are). Today, though, the plumbers came back to get the tub and shower piping fixed up, and my contractor came to fix the bad sheetrocking and carry on with the job. We have the business end of the exhaust fan in the ceiling now, forms built for the recessed medicine cabinet and shower/tub shelves, and he's moving the shower head up quite a bit (his trainees Tuesday set it too low). And that's where we are at the end of Day 3. Pix are on Flickr, as usual.

He'll be back Monday. Sis, you were right--contractors apparently don't work on Friday.

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