Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 3 update

Here's my contractor's plan for next week:
  • Mon.: sheetrock walls & install window
  • Tues.: tile
  • Wed.: plaster walls & ceiling
  • Thurs.: the rest of it: vanity, sink, room door, cabinet doors, etc.
I asked if he'd leave the exhaust fan (the pretty part) and sconces off until after we paint (weekend after next), then come back and put them up, and he said that was fine--so he can put up the towel bars, too.  :)

On a less happy note, my AC's motherboard has totally died. So no AC tonight and my plumber will hustle to find one tomorrow. Minnie will have to spend the night outside or she'll roast.

I just get to roast.  :P

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