Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 2 of remodeling

The contractor brought two rather young men (trainees) to do the last little dab of demo, then help put up the sheetrock. I'm afraid he's not pleased with their sheetrocking job (see my pix on Flickr), but he'll fix it, and the boys probably won't be back. Anyway, there was lots of hammering, drilling, and sawing today while they started sheetrocking, and by the end of the day, we have a potty, a light, and a floor I can walk on without tracking splinters everywhere. So it's coming along!

Unfortunately, we now have no air conditioning on this humid, 95-degree day. The contractor's plumber came to check the leak under the heat pump and the leak turned out to be coming from the end of the drainage pipe on top of the unit, which means water has been running down into sensitive electronic territory for some time, but I never noticed it. Hey, I saw water dripping out from under it; how could I know it was running down from the top? Anyway, we're screwed now, because the AC won't come on anymore, and I'll probably wind up having to replace the motherboard to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Let's put on our rose-colored glasses, rub our lucky kitty feet, and hope it turns out to be one cheap french-fried sensor somewhere. Two plumbers (plus one conferring on the phone) are noodling over it now.

Minnie didn't have quite as restful a day today, what with all the hammering, etc., but she still spent it behind the couch. She's outside now, getting some slightly cooler air.


T said...

Oh Geez!! No Air conditioning!! How do you deal with that? ICK!! You poor thing, but boy you are so lucky this was found. I guess, in a way you can say this was a blessing in disguise? Better that they found this now, and can repair.

Sorry for the extra cost though, that stinks, hopefully it won't be that much. I will rub some lucky paws here for you too!!

las794 said...

I got lucky--no cost above that which was included in the remodeling plan! Dodged a bullet there....