Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 13: Ceiling fans and more glass tiles

My contractor had hoped to finish today (me, too), but he arrived late, so he'll be back tomorrow--early, so he doesn't get roped into other business first. But he did get this lovely crowning strip of glass tiles put up:

It really finishes off the shower/tub area nicely.  :)  Pix of other work are up at Flickr, as usual.

He also put up the new ceiling fans in the living room and bedroom, replacing fans that had died years ago and I never got around to fixing them (round tuits being rather thin on the ground). And he started fixing the door to hang from the opposite side. I'm going to Home Depot, my second home, this evening for hinges and other let's-get-it-finished little stuff.

The glass tiles are freshly up and will be grouted tomorrow, so I have to put off frosting the window another day or two. No biggie--I'll just keep taping trash bags over the window when I take a shower.  :)

Now for the bad news: my AC developed leaks again and the plumber is coming to yank the coil unit (or whatever it's called) to clean it thoroughly tomorrow morning. Here's hoping nothing else goes wrong with it and we get the AC back the same day.

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