Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 12: Separate efforts toward a common goal

My contractor decided to cut the shelves and build the water heater closet door (made to look like two or three cabinet doors) at his place today. Meanwhile, at my place, I painted the outside window trim and, between coats, cleaned the bathroom minutely: went over all the tile looking for misplaced grout blobs to remove, checked the fixtures, vanity, and sink for similarly wayward substances, chipped about 30 years worth of petrified caulk off one edge of the tub (the tiled wall sits back an inch from where the ugly old masonite wall was), and cleaned the rest of the old appliqué gunk off the tub floor (along with blobs of grout, paint, and general crud). I also made a quick trip to Home Depot for stuff to put up the shelves in the medicine cabinet and put all the knobs and the drawer pull in their respective spots. Getting that old caulk off occupied at least half of my workday, but I finally got it all, and exercised the old abs as a bonus.  :D

Next step: frosting the window. But that'll wait until tomorrow, after the contractor has finished all his final tasks.

On the kitty front, Minnie's presents arrived today: two new cat trees (well, one tree and one perch) from Feline Fanatics. They both go in the bedroom between the tall dresser and a window. The perch replaces a cardboard box that has been serving in that capacity for about three years (such elegance, I know--how could I bear to part with it?). I got the tree to allow Minnie easy access to the top of the chest of drawers--she loves high places. She's already put her mark on both trees, scratching enthusiastically. Here are some pix of Her Cuteness enjoying her new trees.

"Whoa, coolness!"

"It's MY tree! MINE!"

Minnie digs into the new tree.

She also likes the perch--hopped right up on it as soon as I got it out of the box. I just didn't have my camera handy.  :)


T said...

I am really liking your bathroom, you want to come do mine now?;)

Aw, Minnie looks so content and pleased with her new tree and perch! Well deserved and a good kitty mommy you are to reward her with such luxuries.

Daisy said...

Good for you, Minnie! Those look like great trees.