Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 11: Almost finished!

The pretties went up today! My contractor installed the medicine cabinet, sconce lights, the overhead light/exhaust fan, a grab bar by the shower/tub (just one; I decided to ditch the second since the tiled window sill serves the same purpose), the towel bar, two towels hooks, and toilet paper hook. There'll be bronze knobs on the vanity as soon as I get some slightly longer screws tomorrow (it may be after midnight, but it's still Monday in my brain). I've put up pix of the work in progress on Flickr, as usual.

Good news on the plumbing front--the sink faucet works! The problem turned out to be nothing more than gunk in the lines, which my contractor fixed himself. Tomorrow, he'll install the last strip of glass tile along the top of the shower/tub tile, swap my chrome toilet tank lever for a pretty bronze one, and put my door back up (hinged on the opposite side). I think we're still waiting on the cabinet maker to finish my water heater doors; I forgot to ask. The contractor also caulked the outside window trim so I can paint it, and took measurements for the various shelves he'll cut and install tomorrow.

This evening, I cleaned up a little, then started to put the knobs on the vanity, but ran into the screw problem, so instead I replaced the tub's overflow plate with a bronze one, then scraped the old rubber appliques out of the tub so I can give it a thorough cleaning. They were so old, they'd gotten brittle and came off in chips.

Gawdamighty, have I got some cleaning to do in this house! Right now, though, I am totally crashing.


Poppy Q said...

Hello lovely lurkey turkeys. Thanks for dropping by, we really do love meeting new folks and are glad that you took the time to come and visit us.

You must be exhausted by all the renovations, but they look pretty good.

Julie and Poppy Q

Daisy said...

It looks really great! I'll bet you are so glad that the end is finally in sight.

T said...

Pretty pretty! This is turning out so lovely! How exciting, finally, it is coming near to completion!

sunflowerlady said...

It's gorgeous! I don't think I'd ever come out of the bathroom...