Sunday, June 28, 2009

OK, fine....

Sister A. swears the window frosting is fine, that I won't be visible to anybody walking by casually. I must admit, I got right up on the window sill outside to peer in at Stella the Stand-in. So I'll quit kvetching.

Today has been cloudy, rainy, mostly quiet...perfect for dozing off on the couch with a kitty, which is what I did for a couple of hours instead of working. Oh well, I needed the break. I did get some cleaning done in my wreck of a kitchen and sealed the grout on the bathroom floor. I'll probably do some more grout-sealing in the shower/tub area this evening, just so I'll feel virtuous about my progress.  :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet Stella the Stand-in

Sexy, huh? And I bet you thought I was joking about putting up a naked-lady picture in the window to test the opacity of the spray-on frost. Good thing I did, because the spray stuff doesn't quite work. It seemed all right at first, but when I went back inside to take down the masking and clean up, there was all this loose powder on the window. That would have come down the minute any shower water hit it, so I brushed it off carefully, then set up Stella again and went outside for another look. Most of the lines of her figure were still obscured, but I could definitely see her "Delta of Venus". Not good.

So I need another solution. I tried the adhere-by-static window film before this, actually--trying to avoid having to use this messy spray--but it didn't work. I might be able to use the self-adhesive, Contact-type window film that I bought for the dumb little window in the door of my office (jeez, can't a person go unobserved even at lunch??); it works fine for my office, but I'm not sure if it would work for a bathroom. Will have to research this. In the meantime, I'm showering only when it's too light outside to see through the window!

Frosting on the cake

...or, rather, on the window. This photo was intended to show you a newly spray-frosted window, but that's basically showing you a blurry nothing, so instead you may admire my masking efforts. It took two cans of Rustoleum spray-frost, but I think I got the window opaque enough for my modesty. After dark, I'll hang a big drawing of a naked lady in the shower and go outside to see if I get a peep show.  :D

Sure hope that stuff doesn't come off in mid-shower. I'd much rather have bought a window with factory-etched glass, but I didn't have time--the leaks that I thought were caused by bathroom-related piping shoved my remodeling timeline way up and I had to make do with an in-stock window and do my own "etching".

So that was my morning project. My afternoon and evening project is to CLEAN UP!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 14: And we're DONE!

Well, the contractor is done with his part, anyway--I still have painting and window-frosting and grout-sealing and a massive house-cleaning to do, but there'll be no more workmen occupying my days! Everything's built that should be, and all the leaks are stopped (rubbing lucky kitty feet that they stay that way). And I'm so tired, I can't see straight. I'm going to shower and crash early tonight so I can start fresh on the cleaning tomorrow morning. Painting will be done on successive weekends. Pix of the day's progress are up on Flickr. The photo here is of one corner of the glass tile he put up along the top of the other tile on the window-wall; it shows his stairstep design. I forgot to take a picture of that yesterday. Ignore all the tile-settin' goop, that's all been cleaned up and grouted over now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 13: Ceiling fans and more glass tiles

My contractor had hoped to finish today (me, too), but he arrived late, so he'll be back tomorrow--early, so he doesn't get roped into other business first. But he did get this lovely crowning strip of glass tiles put up:

It really finishes off the shower/tub area nicely.  :)  Pix of other work are up at Flickr, as usual.

He also put up the new ceiling fans in the living room and bedroom, replacing fans that had died years ago and I never got around to fixing them (round tuits being rather thin on the ground). And he started fixing the door to hang from the opposite side. I'm going to Home Depot, my second home, this evening for hinges and other let's-get-it-finished little stuff.

The glass tiles are freshly up and will be grouted tomorrow, so I have to put off frosting the window another day or two. No biggie--I'll just keep taping trash bags over the window when I take a shower.  :)

Now for the bad news: my AC developed leaks again and the plumber is coming to yank the coil unit (or whatever it's called) to clean it thoroughly tomorrow morning. Here's hoping nothing else goes wrong with it and we get the AC back the same day.

Wordless Wednesday: Teh floof--I haz it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 12: Separate efforts toward a common goal

My contractor decided to cut the shelves and build the water heater closet door (made to look like two or three cabinet doors) at his place today. Meanwhile, at my place, I painted the outside window trim and, between coats, cleaned the bathroom minutely: went over all the tile looking for misplaced grout blobs to remove, checked the fixtures, vanity, and sink for similarly wayward substances, chipped about 30 years worth of petrified caulk off one edge of the tub (the tiled wall sits back an inch from where the ugly old masonite wall was), and cleaned the rest of the old appliqué gunk off the tub floor (along with blobs of grout, paint, and general crud). I also made a quick trip to Home Depot for stuff to put up the shelves in the medicine cabinet and put all the knobs and the drawer pull in their respective spots. Getting that old caulk off occupied at least half of my workday, but I finally got it all, and exercised the old abs as a bonus.  :D

Next step: frosting the window. But that'll wait until tomorrow, after the contractor has finished all his final tasks.

On the kitty front, Minnie's presents arrived today: two new cat trees (well, one tree and one perch) from Feline Fanatics. They both go in the bedroom between the tall dresser and a window. The perch replaces a cardboard box that has been serving in that capacity for about three years (such elegance, I know--how could I bear to part with it?). I got the tree to allow Minnie easy access to the top of the chest of drawers--she loves high places. She's already put her mark on both trees, scratching enthusiastically. Here are some pix of Her Cuteness enjoying her new trees.

"Whoa, coolness!"

"It's MY tree! MINE!"

Minnie digs into the new tree.

She also likes the perch--hopped right up on it as soon as I got it out of the box. I just didn't have my camera handy.  :)

Day 11: Almost finished!

The pretties went up today! My contractor installed the medicine cabinet, sconce lights, the overhead light/exhaust fan, a grab bar by the shower/tub (just one; I decided to ditch the second since the tiled window sill serves the same purpose), the towel bar, two towels hooks, and toilet paper hook. There'll be bronze knobs on the vanity as soon as I get some slightly longer screws tomorrow (it may be after midnight, but it's still Monday in my brain). I've put up pix of the work in progress on Flickr, as usual.

Good news on the plumbing front--the sink faucet works! The problem turned out to be nothing more than gunk in the lines, which my contractor fixed himself. Tomorrow, he'll install the last strip of glass tile along the top of the shower/tub tile, swap my chrome toilet tank lever for a pretty bronze one, and put my door back up (hinged on the opposite side). I think we're still waiting on the cabinet maker to finish my water heater doors; I forgot to ask. The contractor also caulked the outside window trim so I can paint it, and took measurements for the various shelves he'll cut and install tomorrow.

This evening, I cleaned up a little, then started to put the knobs on the vanity, but ran into the screw problem, so instead I replaced the tub's overflow plate with a bronze one, then scraped the old rubber appliques out of the tub so I can give it a thorough cleaning. They were so old, they'd gotten brittle and came off in chips.

Gawdamighty, have I got some cleaning to do in this house! Right now, though, I am totally crashing.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Days 9 and 10: Fixtures, sink (sorta), paint, and a shower at long last!

Yesterday morning, my contractor showed up early, as promised and despite a steady rain, to finish his part on the walls. I really didn't expect him to come, since he blew off the last two rainy days, but was delighted to see his truck after Sister A. and I got back from breakfast, shopping, and returning some unused materials to Home Depot. When we got home, he'd finished the walls, hooked up the shower/tub fixtures, set the sink, and was struggling manfully to get the sink faucet to work right. The tub faucet needs to be straightened, and there was a little piece missing (or lost) from the handle (it still works, thank goodness, but the missing piece keeps the handle from being pulled off). The sink faucet seemed to have no water pressure, although the pressure was fine in the connections under the sink, so there's something wrong in the installation of the faucet itself (or so I would deduce). He'll tackle the faucet again Monday and I sincerely hope he just cuts to the chase and calls the plumber.

Another thing I'm going to have him do is add a stripe of glass tiles across the top of the big tiles on the window wall--that little smidgen of tile above the window looks unfinished. He'll stairstep the glass tiles on the side walls the way he did at one end of the vanity.

Back to plumbing, though: When the contractor got ready to leave, the toilet was still sitting in the tub. He told me how to put it back where it belongs and said to call him if I had any problems. Uh, right--expect a call, dude.

Now, call in the paint crew! A. and I got down to sanding the walls to prep for painting. Sanding walls really sucks, but we finally got through it, dusted the walls and ceiling, and moved on to primer. That was a bit of a drag, too, but mostly because I was so tired after sanding all the high places, including the ceiling (I'm about 4" taller than A., which is why I got the "top jobs").

After we finished painting with primer, we tried to lift the toilet out of the tub. It will probably come as no surprise that we couldn't shift it, not with our noodly arms, and anyway I wasn't at all sure we'd set the thing in the right place. So I tried to call my contractor, without luck, then called the plumber he uses (and who is now officially my regular plumber) and they sent a fellow out to fix it for us. That's on a Saturday around 5:30pm. I'm sure it'll cost me a fortune, but that's fine by me--at least I know the toilet is set right and permanently.

We had supper after the plumber left, then cleaned out the tub, and I got to inaugurate the new shower. O wow o wow o wow--not only was it wonderful just getting clean for the first time in two weeks, but that mini rain-can shower head is fabulous in its own right!

We had no oomphs left after all that sanding and painting, so we just vegged after our showers, then hit the hay. This morning, we put on the first coat of Behr Orange Glow wall paint. It's beautiful--so warm and sunny! A. had to go home after that, so I get to do the second coat myself, but it won't be too bad now that I know what I'm doing.

Tell ya what, though, next time I remodel a room, I'm bidding out the painting, too. It's a lot like work!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 8: Grout, mud, and various other substances

Today, my builder has put trim on the outside of the new window, built a frame for the water-heater closet's new door to hang on (whenever we get the door), closed up a big-a$$ hole in the ceiling over the water heater (previous homeowners did a lot of weird things), "mudded" the walls (I think--there's also "floating" in there somewhere), has grouted the shower/tub area tiles, and is now grouting the vanity tiles. He promises I'll be able to take a bath after he's done today, and I'll even be able to brush my teeth at the bathroom sink instead of in the kitchen!

Ah--looks like he's finished the vanity and is currently grouting the floor. Now how's he gonna get back in there to install my fixtures? Guess we'll see!

Update, 5:00pm: OK, no bath tonight. Will he come back and hook up the fixtures tomorrow, on a Saturday? Dunno yet (I'm guessing not). He didn't even want to put the old toilet back because it leaks so badly now. I suggested getting the new one and installing that. He didn't really want to do that, either, onnaccounta letting the grout set, but I insisted. Sister A, the other half of the painting team, is coming tonight, and we are both female, and we both need facilities--we can't just go out and water the yard (not easily or hygienically, anyway).

No bathroom sink tonight, either, but that's hardly critical.

If he had shown up at 8:30 this morning instead of around 10:30, we wouldn't have this problem.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Minnie's post-hotel recovery

Being mostly confined to a smallish cage at the PetsHotel, among strangers, for three nights and most of four days left Minnie a bit skittish, needy, and--most unusual for her--loud. I've rarely heard such loud meows out of my girl as I did yesterday when I brought her home! It was like she was shouting for someone to let her out of the cage, even after she was already out. (Yeah, Mom's got a slight case of the guilts.) And she couldn't settle on whether she wanted in or out of the house--I mean, even more than cats usually carry on about closed doors. Again anthropomorphizing, it was as if she couldn't stand to be confined anywhere, even her own house; but on the other hand, she didn't want to be away from familiar ol' Mom for very long. I let her in and out several times yesterday--didn't feel like I could get onto her for fickleness, considering how long she'd been shut away from home & hearth.

Minnie's better today, though, even with the contractor here doing various noisy things. Her meows are somewhat quieter, she's eating normally, and enjoying being able to stretch out wherever she darn well pleases. She even ventured out of her favorite napping places a few times to see what was going on in the bathroom. She's still not crazy about all the noise, but that will soon be coming to an end...despite my near-certainty, at times, that I'd be living in a construction zone forever.  :)

Minnie definitely has a nice new cat tree coming so she can get up on the tall dresser in the bedroom. For all she's gone through lately, she's earned a lofty perch!

Day 7: Vanity and floor

The pre-built part of the vanity is in place, as is the vanity top which will extend 9" to the left of the vanity to cover a little shelving space; that part is still in progress. The floor tile is down and looks great!

Snazzy curtain in the background, huh? That's an old sheet clipped over a tension bar. Otherwise, I'd be peeing before a live audience.

Update, 6:14pm: I've added more pix to Flickr through the end of the workday. All the tile is installed, and I love it! I can't believe this is my bathroom! I have to be careful using the old leaky toilet so it doesn't mess up the tiles, but that's temporary (I hope the new toilet is going in at end of day tomorrow, but I'm not sure). Tomorrow, for sure, the contractor will finish the walls, change the skinny light-switch box for a regular wide 2-toggle one (I appreciate the effort to save space, but I can't find a vertical 2-toggle switchplate cover anywhere), grout the tile, and finish putting up the bath/shower fixtures so I can finally wash my disgusting hide! WOO-HOO! That's after I clean the 17 tons of crud out of the tub, of course.  :)

Next step: painting!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 6 update

The shower/tub area tile is almost done (grout to come, of course). Here's a look at the glass-tile stripe, around mid-afternoon today. See Flickr for later pix.

Day 6: Tile and design change

Today is Tile Day! And since nothing goes as smoothly as planned, we've made rather a big design change. You'll notice in the photo that the glass tile is not in the originally planned wide stripe. It's also not the originally chosen glass tile. My contractor had one wall tiled this morning before I noticed that the glass tile wasn't included. So we discussed fixing that, and while holding the glass tile up to the Montagna Soratta tile, I just had to give in to the misgivings I'd been having about that glass tile since we switched the color of the big tile. The rough-textured glass tile, with its colors that went so well with the Tuscany Gold, just didn't seem to go well with Montagna Soratta. Also, frankly, the idea of the wide accent stripe has been bugging me--it just seems like too much in this little bathroom. And since the window is bigger than what I originally planned and the recessed shelf in the shower/tub area is lower, the big stripe wasn't going to land in the right place on both sides of the room. All around, it was time to amend the plan.

My tiler/contractor/etc. showed me some pix of narrow glass tile stripes and they looked a lot better. So off we went to Home Depot to choose a different glass tile (see Flickr for a closer look at it). And he's in there now putting it all up. It's looking really good. We'll also use the new glass tile for the back- and sidesplash on the vanity; that'll tie the two ends of the room together.

We won't be painting a stripe of accent color around the bathroom now. The broad stripe is out of place, and a skinny one would look silly, so I'm just going to make it easy on the painters (one of which will be yours truly). I think it'll look fine that way.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 5: Many good things happening!

First and foremost, I got my kitty out of hock!

Minnie was very ready to come home--in fact, she almost busted out of her carrier at the PetsHotel checkout desk when I tried to push her little catnip carrot in with her. I grabbed Minnie and the checkout girl very nicely put the carrier back together (it crashed to the floor during Minnie's struggle). She howled all the way home, as usual, and has been walking around the house, hiding under various things, coming alongside me for pets a lot, and whalin' the tar out of her scratching posts. She also seized the moment while the contractor was outside getting another piece of sheetrock and tried to crawl into that hole behind the tub again! Fortunately, I was able to grab her before she got down there and kept her out of the way until the hole was covered. My furry little handful....

Another good thing: the AC is fixed! A tech finally turned up late yesterday afternoon and got it fixed, so I had a cool night. I decided to leave Minnie at the hotel one more night because I had to go in to the office for a few hours and knew she'd be double-freaked if she had to be home alone all that time after just being released from "prison." The AC's still working today, so I think maybe that problem is finally solved.

Third good thing: sheetrock is going up and the bathroom is beginning to look like a room again instead of a construction zone! I've put up pix of everything, including Minnie, on my Flickr site.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 4: Window

Today's work consisted entirely of putting in the new window; no sheetrock work was done--my contractor says he'll do all that tomorrow. We'll also need trim around the outside of the window. I also mentioned the total lack of insulation in that wall, so he'll add a little of that. (There's a much larger dearth of insulation in the attic, but I can only handle one project at a time.)

This project is moving slower than I hoped, principally because the contractor never works a full day. Is that normal? If I could be sure he'd lock the place up whenever he leaves on the spur of the moment to pick up tools or check on his guys elsewhere or whatever, I'd go back to the office and leave him to it, but I'm not sure he'd remember.

On a house-related note, I'm still boiling here--still no AC. The part has arrived, probably--my plumber's actually in another city, so the secretary or whoever told him a box arrived for him and he thinks it's the motherboard. And, of course, all the techs are busy, but he left a message to have the first one available come out and install my motherboard. So we're still waiting, and I still can't leave the house in case, by some miracle, a plumber shows up.

Roast, boil, sear, broil, sauté, fry, poach, steam, parboil, bake, stew, fricassee....

And I haven't been able to visit Minnie yet today, dammit.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kitty status & PetsHotel review

Minnie seemed OK this morning when I stopped by PetSmart to visit her--OK relative to her circumstances, anyway. She was shedding like mad, which is not exactly a sign of serenity, but she was peacefully asleep on her fleece bed when the PetsHotel lady came in to feed everybody this morning. She (the PH lady) said that Minnie had only just started meowing loudly, so she must have seen me coming down the aisle (her room looks directly out at it). I held her and loved on her quite a while, she calmed down a bit, then she ate some of her food (both wet & dry, everything exactly as I'd instructed) and gave me the tiniest of purrs. I stayed a little bit longer, petting her and smooching her little head, then I had to put her back in her room and go to work.

I'm pleased to report that the cat room was spotless and so were the cages. It's not a very big room, but then cats aren't very big, either. The cages are stacked 2 high--and they're stable, built-in little "rooms" with solid floors, not just naked wire cages. Each cage has three levels: a high perch, a mid-level perch with a sheepskin bed on it, and the floor where the litterbox and food/water dishes are. I noticed three other "lodgers" while I was there, but I zeroed in on Minnie pretty quickly, so there might have been more. I saw a beautiful apple-head Siamese in the room next door to Minnie's when I checked her in yesterday, but he/she was absent today. One of the other lodgers present was a lovely gray cat with white touches here & there named--of all things--Meatball.

I did not smell a single objectionable odor in the cat room. They use wood-pellet litter and the PH lady said that Minnie the Picky did try the litter and found it pee-worthy. The only mess on view was a scatter of dry food in the cage of two kitties (from the same family, sharing quarters) who knocked over their bowl. The PH employees were about to do their cleaning when I got there, and judging by the lack of stink and the pristine floor, no one lets any mess sit for long. The cats get TLC time while their cages are being cleaned out--they get to run around and get some exercise, play, & lovin'-on. That's done twice a day.

The temperature in the room is quite comfortable--a major improvement over the sauna that is my house right now! I could hear the dogs in the PH only faintly, and none of the store noise. All in all, not too stressful an environment, except that Minnie's used to have the run of the house, the yard, the neighborhood, under the house.... But she'll do fine. And now that I've seen the place and her very clean room, I feel much better about my decision to board her. She really was miserable at home.

Update, 6:39 pm: I just got back my afternoon visit with Minnie and she's doing very well. She was less vocal and more curious this time--much more normal. And, apparently, she's the sweetheart of PetsHotel--they all love petting her soft fur and she's getting along with everyone.  :)  I'm so relieved!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Minnie's on vacation... a swanky hotel for a few days. Well, it's PetSmart's pet hotel, but it looks nice. My AC part never came in, and it turned out that the idiot who was supposed to overnight it here sent it by ground instead, which means I won't have AC until Monday or possibly even Tuesday. The heat's worse today than yesterday, and I had to get Minnie out of it before she got sick from it, so I decided to try the pet hotel. There just wasn't anything else I could do. I hope it's not too noisy in there. The store itself is so noisy anymore.

I'll probably spend tomorrow at the office, since I won't have to be here to monitor floor fans for Minnie, so I'll be OK during the day. In the evening, it's back to the sweat-box, of course.

It's gonna take some pretty thorough spit-baths to make me even halfway decent for human society. My kingdom for a tin tub....

Less weighty

Living in a sauna for two days has one advantage: I've lost another two pounds, for a total of 14 down, despite all the sugary Dr Peppers I've had this week. It's just been too hot to eat anything but fruit and cereal, and not much of that.

Minnie, my boneless girl, got down into the crawlspace again this morning. Sheesh.... As soon as she deigned to emerge, I ditched my obviously useless blocking materials, covered the hole with a bag of packing peanuts, then wedged it in good with a piece of 2x4. Hopefully, it won't occur to her to shred the bag of peanuts. Out of sight, out of mind, you know--if you can't see the hole, it's not there.

Thirty-five minutes to AC restoration (I hope)....

Friday, June 12, 2009

See hole. See cat in hole.

See cat in hole that leads to crawlspace under house. See Mom freak out, certain that she's going to have to call the fire department to get Minnie outta there.

Fortunately, Minnie came out on her own, and I blocked up that hole right away! Minnie was miffed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh, joy...

No AC, tacky-awful hot, windows have to be wide open or I'll die, and now the smell of the stockyard comes drifting in....

Day 3 update

Here's my contractor's plan for next week:
  • Mon.: sheetrock walls & install window
  • Tues.: tile
  • Wed.: plaster walls & ceiling
  • Thurs.: the rest of it: vanity, sink, room door, cabinet doors, etc.
I asked if he'd leave the exhaust fan (the pretty part) and sconces off until after we paint (weekend after next), then come back and put them up, and he said that was fine--so he can put up the towel bars, too.  :)

On a less happy note, my AC's motherboard has totally died. So no AC tonight and my plumber will hustle to find one tomorrow. Minnie will have to spend the night outside or she'll roast.

I just get to roast.  :P

Day 3: "Where'dja put the fart-fan?"

That was my contractor's question after he'd gotten things ready to put up the exhaust fan. I LOL'd totally. Well, that's one use for it!  :D

No work got done yesterday, owing to a tremendous thunderstorm in the morning (not sure why they didn't work in the afternoon, after the weather cleared up, but there you are). Today, though, the plumbers came back to get the tub and shower piping fixed up, and my contractor came to fix the bad sheetrocking and carry on with the job. We have the business end of the exhaust fan in the ceiling now, forms built for the recessed medicine cabinet and shower/tub shelves, and he's moving the shower head up quite a bit (his trainees Tuesday set it too low). And that's where we are at the end of Day 3. Pix are on Flickr, as usual.

He'll be back Monday. Sis, you were right--contractors apparently don't work on Friday.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 2 update

The AC is working again, hallelujah! And the guy who fixed it did the best soldering job I have ever seen--it was an absolute pleasure to watch. Because of his work, I don't have to shell out for a new motherboard. Phew!

Day 2 of remodeling

The contractor brought two rather young men (trainees) to do the last little dab of demo, then help put up the sheetrock. I'm afraid he's not pleased with their sheetrocking job (see my pix on Flickr), but he'll fix it, and the boys probably won't be back. Anyway, there was lots of hammering, drilling, and sawing today while they started sheetrocking, and by the end of the day, we have a potty, a light, and a floor I can walk on without tracking splinters everywhere. So it's coming along!

Unfortunately, we now have no air conditioning on this humid, 95-degree day. The contractor's plumber came to check the leak under the heat pump and the leak turned out to be coming from the end of the drainage pipe on top of the unit, which means water has been running down into sensitive electronic territory for some time, but I never noticed it. Hey, I saw water dripping out from under it; how could I know it was running down from the top? Anyway, we're screwed now, because the AC won't come on anymore, and I'll probably wind up having to replace the motherboard to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Let's put on our rose-colored glasses, rub our lucky kitty feet, and hope it turns out to be one cheap french-fried sensor somewhere. Two plumbers (plus one conferring on the phone) are noodling over it now.

Minnie didn't have quite as restful a day today, what with all the hammering, etc., but she still spent it behind the couch. She's outside now, getting some slightly cooler air.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Demo Day

Things are progressing on this first day of remodeling. I'm putting up pix of the destruction on my Flickr site, if you're interested.

Of fuzzier interest, however, is how Minnie's doing during all this: quite well, actually. She was thoroughly freaked out when she first discovered the construction guy and all the mess in the bathroom, but after a bit of quiet while everybody went to lunch, she crawled into her second-favorite hiding place behind the couch for a long nap. Doesn't look uptight at all, does she? My brave kitty....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday prep

Busy day today: in addition to regular chores, I revamped my household budget a bit, updated my remodeling budget with yesterday's expenditures, spray-painted the metal parts of the sconces for the bathroom (with Sister A's help, and they look pretty darn good), moved all my clothes & a little dresser out of my bedroom closet so the construction guys can get to the back of the bathtub through the little door in the closet, and generally got as prepared for demo as I can until tomorrow morning, when I move every bit of my stuff out of the bathroom so the guys can start. Oy vey, here we go....

I wish I could explain to Minnie that this is going to be a Good Thing, even though her routine will be disrupted for a week or so.

Sister A's a lucky devil in all this--she went home this morning, and when she comes back to help paint and put up pretties, voila! the bathroom will be magically beautiful and nearly finished!  :D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"We are go for launch..."

Yesterday morning, I met with my contractor for the second time--or, rather, we did, Sister A. and I. I wanted her there because she's done this remodeling thing way more often than I have (which is never). The estimate remains close to what he gave me before, with just a little added for the labor of installing two ceiling fans in the living room and bedroom (since he'll have an electrician on-site, anyway, I might as well take advantage of it). The contractor will be back sometime this weekend with a contract for me to sign, then demolition starts Monday! Not a moment too soon, either, because there's a wet spot in the hallway in front of the furnace closet where all those leaks are, and it's getting bigger.

So, having no time to waste, A. & I toured the local home improvement stores with my nicely prepared project book (with shopping list, of course), buying up supplies for the bathroom's makeover, including a big new window which was real interesting getting into the backseat of her car. Other supplies I'd ordered online arrived Friday and Saturday. There are only two (non-critical) items left, and they've been ordered (I couldn't find them locally). Lemme tell ya, the Internet is a beautiful thing. I couldn't have gotten all this research, price comparison, list-making, and shopping done nearly as easily without it!

Poor Minnie, she is going to hate all the noise and disruption so much! I hope she doesn't get another urinary upset from all this, like she did last time a fella was in here working on the furnace. But there's no choice--this remodel must be done now before my house floats away.

We made one pretty major change in the design/materials; we switched from Tuscany Gold tile to one called Montagna Soratta (see pix), which goes even better with my fixtures, paint, and glass tiles than the T.Gold did!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New remodeling plans

In preparation for remodeling my bathroom, I've revised my plan pix. Got all four walls & the floor this time! Anyone who's interested can see them on my Flickr site.

Hybrid encroachment

While stopped at a light on my way to work this morning, I had to grin at the assembly of cars: of eight cars total, three were hybrids (including mine)--37.5% of the cars in that group. Kinda cool, that.  :)