Sunday, May 10, 2009


Busy and restful--sounds like a contradiction in terms, but that's exactly what my weekend has been, busy with chores and blessed with extra sleep due to a very cooperative Minnie-cat (who got extra tuna flakes in her bowl as a reward). Both Saturday and Sunday mornings, Minnie agreeably went outside before her stinky-meat breakfast and let Mom get another three hours of sleep. Wow...bliss.... So I had all the "oomph" I needed to catch up on the yard & house chores that have been piling up for weeks. I feel tremendously virtuous now.

Leo doesn't think so much of me, though--he got to experience my Patented Semi-Feral Cat Pin, which involves one hand and two knees, when I spotted a tick in his ear. I wrestled him into position and plucked the offender out of his ear. He's been avoiding me ever since, but he'll get over it. Yay for short kitty memories. :)

And now, to put a nice cap on the weekend, I have a potential buyer for my old bedroom furniture; she wants to look at it first (naturally). Here's me rubbin' my lucky kitty feet (Minnie's, of course) that she'll buy it, because I could sure use a couple of C-notes to make my budget work this month. [rub, rub, rub...]


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Careful....don't rug the fur off! Hope it sells!
It's nice to have a productive weekend and some nice kitty time too!
I was catsitting for a neighbor and I managed to step on one kitty's foot. Man did she let out a yowl! She avoided me like the plague the rest of the weekend, I hope she is over it by the next time I visit! I'm relying on that "short memory" you mentioned!!!

las794 said...

Isn't that the most blood-curdling sound?? [shudder] Guaranteed to make you feel guilty!