Friday, May 22, 2009

Feathered Friday

Minnie: Mom, lemme in!
Mom: No dice.
Minnie: But lookee!
Mom: Exactly why you're not coming in.

My sweet little kitty zoomed up to the sliding glass door this morning with a bird clamped in her mouth, wings outspread, looking like an oversized Groucho moustache. Ick.... And here I thought she was growing up, becoming more civilized maybe. Nope--still a highly accomplished carnivore.

After failing to get into the house, Minnie took her prize elsewhere to enjoy (out of sight, thank goodness). Not long after, here comes Leo sniffing around. He's got an excellent nose for Minnie's kills and invariably turns up for a drumstick or any other part he can get his teeth on. I never have to worry about either of my kitties getting enough protein!