Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goodbye, Fluffy

Fluffy died today, my handsome black long-hair with the white patch at his throat and a white stripe across his rump. Here's his picture from when I was trying to get a look at his neck wound in February. I found him in his favorite napping spot by the corner of the garage early this afternoon--not napping. I'd seen him in that same spot earlier; I stopped to watch him then for a few seconds to make sure he was breathing (morbid, but he was curled up kinda funny), saw that he was breathing fine, and moved on. I really thought he was just asleep. When I came out the second time, hours later, he hadn't moved a muscle--not normal for a cat. Sure enough, he was long gone. Judging by his fur and the many clumps of same in the garage, he must have gotten into a really bad fight; maybe that was the cause of his death.

Unlike with Leo's late big brother, Whitetip, the first feral to die in my yard, there was no possibility of having Fluffy cremated--I don't have the cash and I'm not using credit cards right now--so I buried him in a corner of my yard.

Fluffy was one of my oldest ferals; I think he was in the second batch I trapped to neuter. He and Scarface (whom I haven't seen in a very long time) were originally named Heckle & Jeckle because they were two black critters who hung out together all the time. They both disappeared for a while, Scarface came back and showed his mean streak, then Fluffy returned, but they didn't seem to hang out together anymore. Scarface disappeared completely about a year ago.

Fluffy spent about two years visiting my yard, napping in peace, eating regularly, and drinking clean water. I hope they were good years for him.


Anonymous said...

We're sorry to hear the sad news about Fluffy. He had a better life thanks to your care.

Daisy said...

I am so sorry Fluffy had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Soft purrs to you.

Cat with a garden said...

Oh my, that must have come as a shock. It is wonderful that you had the strength to give him a good burial in your yard where he loved to hang out and felt at home. Sweet purrs to Fluffy.
Siena 6 Chilli

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We are so sad to hear your news.
We agree with the comment above. He loved your yard, it was a sanctuary and it was a loving thing to put him there.
I have been feeding a homeless black longhair kitty with a white spot on his chest since January. I have a small Dogloo I got from my neighbor as shelter out of the wind under the deck but my neighbor across the street says he has a burrow under her porch. He always comes over from that direction so it must be. He is skittish, but he has come up to the front door to visit with my cats through the glass several times in the last month.
Again, peace be with you in the loss of Fluffy.

T said...

Oh, I am so sorry you lost Fluffy.

Please know you did give him a wonderful life. He had a safe place to call home, food, water, shelter. He knew love when he first showed up at your place. What would his life had been like without you? You gave him what he needed, love and safety.

RIP Fluffy.

The Island Cats said...

We are so sorry to hear about Fluffy...he was a handsome fellow with beautiful eyes...purrs to you...