Saturday, April 25, 2009

From the department of "What da hell...?"

A very weird thing happened this morning. I got up at my regular work time (yeah, on a Saturday--had to entertain the plumber at a reasonable hour), fed Minnie, went out to feed the ferals, bent down to fill their food bowl inside the food shelter food bowl. I stared at the empty spot for several seconds while Leo, who did not seem starved, wound himself around my legs. Where the devil did the food bowl go...? I fetched a flashlight and finally found it some eight feet away between the AC unit and the pampas grass. Some food had been spilled out of it where it was sitting, but there was nary a crumb between that spot and the food shelter...which, BTW, sits two steps up from ground level and has about a 2"-high lip at the entrance.

I swear I didn't move the food bowl from the food shelter last night. Why on earth would I??? So all I can conclude is that my feral cats have evolved thumbs and considerable strength, at least enough to carry a heavy ceramic bowl over the obstacle at the entrance of the food shelter, down two concrete steps, then drag/push/carry it eight feet away over more concrete.

Or maybe the slugs did it. Or aliens.

[skittering off to make a tinfoil hat, just in case...]


dlmaddox said...

My money's on the slugs, but the hat sounds like good insurance. (Don't drink the water. It's contaminated!)

las794 said...

One can never be too careful!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

That would even be a feat for a raccoon!! Perhaps you have bears!! What a mystery!

Tober the Cat said...

I bet a bunch of Ants got together and tried to carry the Foods away to their lair.