Wednesday, March 25, 2009


You may consider this my Comfort Zone--newly delivered today, nice and firm, with pillowtop wonderfulness. You'll notice in the first photo that the plastic is still on the box springs; the delivery guy said they were going to leave it there until my wooden bed frame is delivered, so the box spring isn't smutched by any rust that might be lurking on the (brand new) Hollywood frame they loaned me. Isn't that sweet?

They also delivered my nightstand. The handles are antiqued brass...and they swing. However, if Miss Minnie takes to flicking them in the middle of the night, they'll be replaced with something less "fun."  :D

Man, look at all the storage just in that nightstand! I won't know what to do with myself after I get the dresser and chest of drawers!

The bedspread is borrowed from No.1 Sister, who made it for her bed when she lived in in this neck o' the woods. It'll do nicely until I find something that really grabs me. And I got two nice sets of sheets from my favorite thrift store, so I'm all fixed up.

And, yes, that is a sheet draped over the curtain on that window. Well, the neighbors have a security light, plus the window's drafty in the winter. Rome wasn't redecorated in a day, you know!


Cat with a garden said...

Wow, that looks wonderfully comfy! Check for your door bell we are coming over for a pyjama party!!!

las794 said...

Heating up the hot chocky here! :)