Friday, March 27, 2009

Diet vs. donut holes

Let me say in my own defense that donut holes are deceptive. Compact little orbs of sweet naughtiness, nowhere near the size of an actual donut. Something like that, seemingly so harmless, can really trick you into eating one...or five.

So how many donut holes does it take to equal a single donut? At what point do I hit the 250 calories (minimum) that a donut delivers (usually straight to your hips)? Is there any "safe" number of donut holes that one may consume without completely wrecking one's diet? Indeed, is there any true safety from the sugary wonderfulness of donut holes?

Tune in tomorrow...when I won't know anything more about donut holes than I do now.  :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


You may consider this my Comfort Zone--newly delivered today, nice and firm, with pillowtop wonderfulness. You'll notice in the first photo that the plastic is still on the box springs; the delivery guy said they were going to leave it there until my wooden bed frame is delivered, so the box spring isn't smutched by any rust that might be lurking on the (brand new) Hollywood frame they loaned me. Isn't that sweet?

They also delivered my nightstand. The handles are antiqued brass...and they swing. However, if Miss Minnie takes to flicking them in the middle of the night, they'll be replaced with something less "fun."  :D

Man, look at all the storage just in that nightstand! I won't know what to do with myself after I get the dresser and chest of drawers!

The bedspread is borrowed from No.1 Sister, who made it for her bed when she lived in in this neck o' the woods. It'll do nicely until I find something that really grabs me. And I got two nice sets of sheets from my favorite thrift store, so I'm all fixed up.

And, yes, that is a sheet draped over the curtain on that window. Well, the neighbors have a security light, plus the window's drafty in the winter. Rome wasn't redecorated in a day, you know!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things I learned recently & other random bits

  • Just because you have a 15-year warranty on a mattress, that doesn't mean the mattress will actually last 15 years. In fact, it might start sagging in the middle after only 5 years. My aching back and neck can testify to this fact.

  • Getting a new bedroom set (so I can move up to a queen-size bed and get some much-needed storage into the place) is as easy as getting lost four times on the way to the store, then shelling out a bunch of money (but really not too desperately awful an amount for something I'll buy only once). You have to wait a week or so for delivery, too, but that's no biggie.

  • Cat owners (or, rather, servants) buy things based on how said objects relate their cats--for example: Will Minnie try to eat this or claw it to ribbons? Can it withstand cat barf? Will it show cat hair...? Minnie doesn't claw wood (she prefers carpet), so I think the new bed will be safe.

  • I swear on a stack of Bibles, pancakes, or anything else you like that my debts will be paid off THIS YEAR, in spite of today's purchase. That's FINAL.

  • Remodeling the bathroom, however, will wait until next year. It's less important than good sleep.

  • On the kitty front, Creampuff is definitely a boy. I got a glimpse of "the works" as he was scooting under my car today.

  • The visible presence of "the works" means ol' Puff-Man needs a trip to the vet as soon as I can trap him.  :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feral update

I've been keeping an eye on Fluffy's injured neck and it's healed very well. Today I noticed that the pink spot on his charcoal gray skin where his patch of white fur normally grows has turned white again with peach fuzz. So he's in good shape.

Creampuff's nose is still a bit gross-looking from his cold or whatever he's got going on. I might try to trap him when I'm on vacation next week, see if my vet can give him an antibiotic shot, as someone suggested after I took Stumpy to the vet for his injury. It'd also be nice to have confirmation of the Puffmeister's gender.  :)

Speaking of Stumpy, I'm sorry to say that I haven't seen him in quite a while--like, two weeks, or maybe three. I sure hope he's OK. It'd be nice if he found someone to take him in, but we all know how feral cats' lives usually end.  :(

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Water baby

Minnie has discovered a fun new game: playing in the water. She'll get up on the bathroom vanity and wait for me to turn on the faucet to a trickle, then she'll bat the trickle of water, scoop water into a paw and lick it up, try to stick her mouth in the trickle without getting her head totally soaked, etc. She's even managed to lap from the trickle a time or two, although I doubt she's getting much into her mouth. It's so cute, though. I'd take pix of her playing in the water, but my bathroom is rather grotty at the moment.  :)

You'd think I never give her fresh water, with all the attention she pays to the sink and tub faucets, but I do, I promise!

Y'know, I might need to think of somewhere to put a DrinkWell fountain for her....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Supporting the American economy

I did my bit for the economy today by replacing the brake pads and tires on my car. Hideous total--thank goodness for tax refunds. I was hoping to hold off on new tires until I got my debt paid off, but since I was supposed to replace the tires two years ago and I still have another several months of debt-paying to go, waiting was kinda out. Oh well, money in circulation is a good thing.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Cat with a Garden opines that Creampuff is male. I get a sorta male "vibe" from Creampuff, too. If it is a "he", he's been neutered, cuz I did a quick exploration while he was distracted by Leo and found nothing but an area that seemed lacking in "fun parts" (as Max would say), but didn't feel quite female, either. I know, terribly rude of me.... Well, I didn't want to trap & neuter him if it had already been done! :)

It'd be really great to find him a home. In fact, MY home would suit me, but I don't think Minnie would take it well--she never did like having Leo in the house. And god help us if Creampuff started spraying.... I just can't have that in the house again.

I haven't seen Creampuff (who really needs a better name, if he is, in fact, a "he") spray yet. I've heard him growl at other kitties--pretty authoritatively, too. It was at Leo, though, and Leo still has kittenish, rather pushy ways about him, even though he's 3 years old now.

Oh--the nose drops? Not a hit. :D

Creampuff & Co.

This fellow (or gal--I haven't been able to tell through his/her fuzzy drawers) began hanging around my house about a month ago, maybe a little less. Just walked right up to me meowing & rubbing my legs & eating up the headrubs, even though I'd never seen him/her before. Brave kitty! Also a rather bedraggled kitty, with fur all in knots spangled with the little red seed-thingies Minnie's been "wearing" whenever she goes out lately. Today, stun me all to pieces, he/she let me brush that fabulous fur rather vigorously. I was also able to get some icky crust from a runny nose off its chin (I think that's what it's from, anyway) and soften the bit on its nose a little with a wet rag (warm water, naturally). I read in my cat vet book that Afrin children's strength nose drops applied to one nostril per day can help, so I'll try that, since Creampuff lets me pet and handle him/her quite a bit. Of course, that may change when I try to squirt stuff up his/her nose!

This can't be a feral. It might be a pet who was put out or just strayed from home, because it was too eager to be petted, etc.

Here are some more pix of Creampuff before I decided to try brushing him/her (that creamy coat looks a lot better now, after I brushed a big handful of scrubby fur and "cling-ons" out of it). The photos are a bit blurry; he/she was moving around the whole time.

Creampuff's closeup. There was grit in the corner of its eyes, but its nose is the worst, with a very uncomfortable-looking yellowish crust all over it. The kitty sneezed several times, or blew out through its nose, as if trying to clear it. I'll see what I can do about that.

Naturally, I had observers during this photo session....

Here's Leo in the big cathouse near the back door and the feeding station. He's keeping a close eye on the newbie.

Minnie again kept watch from inside the house. She's a lot less forward now than even just a year ago. Guess my little girl has grown up!