Saturday, February 21, 2009

"I'm ready for my closeup, Max."

This is the best I could do getting a shot of Fluffy's neck yesterday. I think that leaf-shaped thing hanging down is, in fact, a leaf hanging from what looks like a clump of matted fur. I still can't tell if his neck is hurt. Tried to get close to him for a look this afternoon, but he skittered away, as usual, scared off when I stepped on crunchy, drought-dead, pampas grass leaves.

BTW, his ear is tipped because I trapped him and had him neutered through a local cat-rescue group; "tipping" is a signal to other TNRing folk that this particular feral has been fixed.

Here's the full pic I got that closeup from. Handsome ball of fluff, isn't he?
I had an audience for this photo session, of course: Stumpy and Leo outside, and Minnie inside. Here are some more pix from the "shoot".

Above left is Stumpy with his healing paw. The smudges you see are just dirt. The pic at right shows Stumpy's robust figure. He's a big ol' boy--not fat, just a big, well-muscled tom (well, former tom!).

Stumpy again; you can tell by his face that he's been through the tomcat wars.

Leo also turned up to see what was going on. He has a short attention span, though--the contents of the food shelter proved much more interesting. That's a slab of cement on top of the shelter, BTW--we've got fierce winds in this neck o' the woods.

Minnie kept a close eye on the proceedings from inside the house. I offered to let her out, but....

She decided to watch from the safety of a dining chair.  :)


T said...

Fluffy is indeed very handsome. he looks like my Delilah who lives inside my cat room now.

It is hard to tell with the pictures, hopefully you are right and it is just a hair mat. I guess it would be difficult to see with the long haired cats.

Thanks for sharing all the pictures, and nice to see Stumpy, and his paw healing.

Cat with a garden said...

Hard to tell from the picture, isn't it? Keep spying, maybe you will distinguish it better one day. Fluffy is a handsome guy!
Talking about handsome: Minnie is a real beauty!!! She has such lovely fur colours...
And Stumpie seem to be doing great. Hi Leo!

Daisy said...

I am glad to see Stumpy's paw is getting better. It does seem as though he has been through a lot. I am glad you were able to help him!

I sure hope Fluffy's neck is okay!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

We hope Fluffy's neck is OK! He sure is a sweet looking fella!

Great pics of everyone!

Cliff and Olivia said...

What an exciting story. We loved all the pictures and hope the paws and necks and faces are alright.