Friday, January 16, 2009

Stumpy update

Stumpy's going to be fine, although how I'm supposed to get a dropperful of antibiotic down his throat every day is something I haven't figured out yet. Should be interesting!

The vet said he'd scraped the skin off his paw pad--landing wrong on the edge of a fence, maybe; I worry about that every time I see a cat do it--but it should heal up nicely. Stumpy's neutering went well, of course, and he had his rabies shot and a clean FeLk test, so he's in good shape. When we got home, I let him out of the cage in my garage and made sure he got a good look & sniff of the cathouses with their comfy bedding, in case he wanted to crash there for a while. Instead, he wandered off to the far fence (to get away from me and my cage, no doubt) and sat there quite a while just soaking up sun and maybe getting his bearings back. I don't see him outside now, but it's dark, and he might be in the garage. I don't want to bother him--he's had a rough day.

He was very quiet coming back from the vet, unlike the meowing and occasional hissing he did on the way there. During the morning drive, I hummed "Beautiful Dreamer" several times to calm him down. No kidding, it works! I discovered that with Minnie. Music hath charms, and all that.  :)

He sure was a stinky booger on the drive back--worse than on the way there. Wound-up-tomcat smell, I guess. I hosed the backseat of my car down with Febreze, but I'll have to get a carwash tomorrow, too, I'm pretty sure. Pee-yew!

"Beautiful dreeeeemerrrrr, wake unto meeeeee...."


Lux said...

We're sending you best wishes with getting the antibiotic into Stumpy! Great that everything went so well at the vet, though.

I'm going to make mom sing to me next time in the car - no, wait ... ;-)

Everycat said...

Hurray! The paw will be ok, Stumpy neutered and tested negative! Thank you for taking such good care of him and all of your ferals. Best of luck getting that antibiotic down him. I bet it's one that can't be put in food too (aren't they always) I've found that a bit of soft singing works a treat too. In cat language, tom cat pee is the greatest, positive comment on the human voice ever!

Cat with a garden said...

Great for Stumpy! Not so great for you (the antibiotics). Good luck. ; )

Daisy said...

I am glad Stumpy is going to be okay! It is probably too late to get this for Stumpy, but there is a fairly new antibiotic that treats, among other things, skin infections. It's a one-dose injection that works for 2 weeks, called Covenia. Perfect for ferals.

las794 said...

Hey, that's good to know about for next time! I'll stick a note about it in my cat first-aid kit. :)