Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stumpy update 2

After making himself scarce all day, I finally saw Stumpy in the yard around 6pm, waiting (along with several other ferals) for the "Crazy Cat Lady" to fill the food bowl. I did that, then approached Stumpy nice & slow so as not to alarm him. His paw looks better--scabby but a lot cleaner than it was yesterday. It's still sore, but he's limping along pretty well.

When I got close enough to him, I squatted and reached out a hand to let him smell me. He did, then slowly walked over and headbutted my knee. It felt like a sweetly shy thank-you. I got to pet him a little, then he limped off and I carefully herded him in the direction of the food shelter. I was glad to see his appetite is good.

I tried a few different ways to give Stumpy his dropperful of antibiotic, but didn't get much into him. I got a few drops on his nose that he automatically licked off, but that's it. Tomorrow, I'll try putting it in a little blob of stinky meat. Of course, if I give Stumpy stinky meat, I'll have to give Leo some, too, or he'll try to eat Stumpy's, and if Minnie's around to see that, she also had better get some or she'll throw a big-eyed fit at Mom giving away her bestest treat. It'd be really useful to have three arms at that point, so I could give them each their goodies in the same nanosecond (thus avoiding combat), but ya gotta work with what ya have.  :D

Jeez, it's like trying to make sure all the kids feel equally important and nobody's getting special treatment.


Everycat said...

Glad Stumpy is feeling better and is gracing you with headbutts of thanks. Looks like it's going to be stinky goodness for everyone then. Just a thought, but would your vet let you have single dose of Convenia to administer at home? - it's an under the skin one injection, not intramuscular so it's easy to give in the neck scruff. Of course "easy" is a word with many meanings when it comes to cats!

las794 said...

Eww, I don't think I could give an injection. At least, I'd rather not have to. I'll try the stinky meat route first.

Cat with a garden said...

Hahaha, we are imagining you with several arms right know! It is very good that Stumpy is so friendly towards you, so you can actually give him the medicine. We hope the stinky meat trick works!