Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama is IN DA HOUSE!

I watched the inauguration on a spotty Internet connection hooked up to the projection screen in the conference room of my office building, and I was SO thrilled! My god, what a sea of humanity turned out to watch it in person! Obama was cool, serious, and apparently so eager to get rolling, he ran over the administering justice's words a little. Didn't they rehearse that at all? Oh, who cares--we have a new president!

Not only that, a president who listens to scientists regarding, for instance, global warming and stem cell research and will make his decisions based on scientific fact instead of ultra-conservative bullshit; a president who will get us out of the quagmire that is Iraq as soon as prudently possible; a president who will fully support advances in green technology instead of throwing a token dollar or two at it while keeping oil companies fat and the Detroit Big 3 complacent; and a president who will call upon the best economic minds to map out a path out of the financial mess we're in and help strengthen our economic structure.

Man, that's a lot to expect of one guy. That and much more.

It's so good to have hope for the future beyond more of the usual bickering politics.

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