Sunday, January 25, 2009

Caution: Diet and exercise may lead to strange behavior

Like, for instance, cooking lunch at home on a Saturday! This is entirely unheard of in the entire history of Me. But I did--had a nice piece of halibut and a big bunch of veggies, followed by a sugar-free chocolate pudding cup. OK, and two lemon Girl Scout cookies, but that was the only naughtiness. Although I did have two thin mints later with a big glass of milk. Well, nobody can be good all the time.

I've been on a rather strict diet for the past week or so--a variation on the Special K Challenge (more info here). Instead of wimpy ol' Special K cereal in the morning, I eat my usual good-for-me mix of Great Grains & Cheerios, my usual regular-food lunch at work (Fiber One yogurt, wheat bread with Smart Balance butter, a hard-boiled egg for protein, fruit, and a Fiber One granola bar; I'll be adding a small salad starting Monday, since I just realized there haven't been any veggies in my lunch for a while) or veggies or a salad at home, then a Special K protein meal bar and fruit for supper. I often eat the wimpy Special K cereal for a pre-bedtime snack (especially after exercising) so I don't go to bed hungry, and I have snacks of low-salt mixed nuts, raisins, or Special K protein water between meals. Believe me, my stomach's capacity has shrunk, which is a good thing.

The Special K protein water is problematic because it requires buying and disposing of way more plastic bottles than I normally do. I tried the protein water mix, but it doesn't mix worth a toot. Anyway, I recycle the bottles, so maybe I won't go straight to hell for adding more plastic trash to the planet.  :)

Two more elements: I've cut down to one or two sodas a week, and after the last three in my fridge are gone, I probably won't buy anymore (which is not to say I'll never in my life drink another Dr. Pepper; it is the Elixir Of The Gods, after all). And I seem to be losing my taste for M&Ms, which keeps me out of the dispenser at work. (That's the milk chocolate M&Ms; I haven't "tested" the dark chocolate kind since starting this diet.)

I'd be lying if I said I'd been faithfully exercising all this time, but I have gotten back to it. In addition to Wii Fit, I've started doing exercises from The Core Program: Fifteen Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life by Peggy Brill (check it out at Amazon) to strengthen those "core" muscles my Wii Fit trainer keeps nagging me to use. So far, the Core Program exercises don't seem like much more than stretching, although that does feel good and gets me limbered up for Wii Fit. The jury's still out on the efficacy of the book's exercises, but....But....DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!

I've lost four pounds! That's two more than the two pounds I've continually lost and regained during the past few years!

It's probably mostly due to the diet, including switching my larger, real-food meal to lunch instead of supper. But according to Wii Fit last night, I'm no longer obese, merely overweight (albeit at the top end of that range)! Boy, it was good to see that. Hopefully, with continued discipline, and keeping my eyes on my twin goals of avoiding future back spasms and returning to a sensible weight, I can keep it up.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, Sis!

Everycat said...

Well done!

I am pretending I didn't read that there are dark chocolate M&Ms.

las794 said...

Ohhh, yes, and they are *yummy*! :)

Cat with a garden said...

Well done! It is difficult to lose weight and exercise is the best way.