Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cat report

I'm getting a bit concerned about Stumpy--for one thing, I haven't seen him in 3-4 days, so he hasn't gotten his antibiotics for those days; and for another thing, I found blood in the food bowl this morning, as if a cat with a bloody paw had stuck same in the food bowl to scoot it around. I'm pretty sure that's Stumpy and he's just torn a scab loose, but I sure wish he'd turn up when I'm at home so I can check him and give him his medicine. Maybe after work today. This temperature will be a lot better then, anyway, much improved from the teens (and even worse wind chill) that we've had the past few days.

Whenever it gets so horribly cold like this, I just want to scoop up all my ferals and bring them inside. I can't, of course--and what a spray-and-snarl fest that would be if I did!

While Leo and a couple of the other ferals sniff around my door wanting in from the cold weather, my inside-outside cat Minnie, being quite insane, wants OUT, particularly when it's time to pee or whatever. Dopey's like every now and then she forgets that she can use the litterbox. This morning, as part of her I'm-going-nuts-let-me-out routine, she climbed straight up the curtains in my bedroom! Well, it worked to get me out of bed, anyway, since I had to go grab her. She continued to zoom around like a loon until I finally plopped her in the litterbox and reminded her what it's for. She still wanted outside after that, but not quite so urgently. Crazy cat.

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