Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Whatcha readin'?"

We have two more books in progress. My breakfast book now is Just After Sunset by Stephen King, a collection of his short stories. I like short stories, and I like ol' Steve, so how could you go wrong? OK, sometimes he could use a bit more editing--as famous as he is, it sometimes seems that editors are afraid to touch his Immortal Prose. But this is a good batch of stories by a mostly excellent author.

BTW, if you used to like King, but feel "his cheese done slipped off his cracker" in the last decade or so, you might try Blaze, a fairly recent publication--it really is very good, like his earlier work (not surprising, since it's based on an early short story that was chucked in the drawer for ages). The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is also very good, with plenty of realistic texture.

At bedtime, I've been reading Chiefs by Stuart Woods, my first encounter with this author. Those of you old enough may recall that Chiefs was made into a TV miniseries way-long-years ago. I liked the series then, and I'm enjoying the book now. I may have to look up some more of this author's work.


Lux said...

Mom's read some of Stuart Woods' books - she likes him.

She read a book last week that she wasn't sure about, but she liked it more and more and more:

The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry. It surprised her how much she liked it.

las794 said...

I looked up Secret Scripture on Amazon--that does look interesting! I shall add it to my ever-lengthening reading list. :)

Lux said...

Mom says she knows what you mean! :)