Friday, December 12, 2008

What will I find...

...when I get home? For the past few days, Minnie has demanded to go out for a second time in the morning and wound up spending the whole day outside until I get home from work. I'm not nuts about this, but it's part of our "agreement"--I let her out whenever she wants, if the weather's anywhere near decent, and she doesn't go wacko on my furniture or person as a result of cabin fever. It's been dang cold this week--especially Tuesday--but she's doing fine outside. And, I must admit, I haven't had to worry about her peeing anywhere inappropriate.

Actually, I think she likes going out to play with her new friend, Shadow, a long-haired black cat and a relatively new visitor to my house & yard. They touch noses in a friendly way and romp around through leaves together. I don't know what else, of course, since I can't watch them all day; maybe they nap together, too. I have cat houses (well, small dog houses) with blankets in the garage for that purpose.

Today, however, Minnie wanted back inside when she heard me getting ready to leave for work. Earlier, I had noticed her sitting out by the carport as if waiting for something...or Shadow. He didn't turn up, so she wanted back in for the day.

Of course, I could be completely anthropomorphizing the situation. But it's kind of a sweet thought, that Minnie might have found a buddy to play & nap with. I'm afraid her mom isn't a very interesting playmate--the old broad gets tired.  :)

Anyway, I hope being inside all day doesn't activate Minnie's peeing problem just as it was backing off again.


Everycat said...

Cats have definately form friendships, they can be very sociable creatures. In feral colonies, older females even act as midwives and kitten sitters to less experienced mother cats.

las794 said...

I have observed Minnie reacting differently to different cats, as if reacting to their personalities. Must be so!

Lux said...

I hope that peeing problem sorts itself out - we know from Ninna that it can be a little (?) disconcerting.

Ninna has actually peed on Mom in bed. !!!!

las794 said...

Shhh! Minnie might get ideas! :D