Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reruns, oy...

Well, spiffy, we're back to tiny pee clumps in the litterbox and frequent urgency on Minnie's part. Lord, I hope she doesn't start peeing on the couch/carpet again. I sure wish I knew what she's so stressed about--it's not like I had repairmen in again over the weekend. She's still taking antibiotics from the first round of this nonsense; maybe it's time to add a Feliway diffuser to the mix.


Everycat said...

Well darn those tiny pee clumps! Definately get a Feliway diffuser, there's also a supplement you can get from the vet, which is good for cats prone to stress related cystitis - it's called Cystaid and is a type of glucosamine. It is the substance that starts the process of making a mucosal lining in the bladder and provides good protection during a bout and protects against actual bladder inflamation. My vet calls it the teflon of the bladder. I've used it on my oldest cat with very good results for the last ten years, he's 18.5 yrs now. Did they analyse or culture Minnie's pee? She might need a different antibiotic and/or some anti-inflamatory medicine too. Watch your own stress levels too, cats pick up on the tiny stuff that we do, big time.

Best of luck!
Purrs for Minnie!

las794 said...

No, the vet didn't analyze pee; maybe I should ask about that--and the Cystaid, too. I didn't actually get a definitive answer about what's wrong, just "let's try this first" with the antibiotics.

And, yeah, maybe I've been letting things eat at me lately. I've been so busy for the past couple of months, it seems like I never get any down-time.