Sunday, December 14, 2008

Minnie, Flickr, & the wonders of sleep

Minnie did fine in the house Friday--no pee in inappropriate spots. What was in the litterbox was in smallish clumps, but at least it was all in the right place. Oh, and I got a Feliway diffuser yesterday, so we'll see if that helps Minnie relax. Shee-it, those things are expensive--lucky I had a $25 gift card to cut the cost a little.

My Flickr account has been "pro", which was originally free with my AT&T Internet service, but now AT&T has changed the rules and my Flickr Pro account is going to revert to not-Pro in February--unless I want to renew Pro for 25 smackers per year. Spiffy. There go all my handy pic sets (all but 3, anyway), and apparently I won't be able to see all my pix, although they'll all still be there. (Huh? Yeah, I don't get it, either.) Guess I'll take a closer look at Picasa or hunt down some other online photo-storage outfit. Sorry, but I'm cheap when it comes to frivolities like a place to store my pix online.

The light of the full moon and the relatively mild temperature last night was too much for Minnie to resist--she wanted out at bedtime, then didn't come back before I had to zonk, so she spent the night outside. And I got to sleep until I'd had my fill. Man, it was soooooo nice....


Everycat said...

That's mean, not allowing you to see all of your pictures, Picasa is supposed to be good. Feliway is horribly expensive, but it is good. I'd keep an eye on the tiny clumps of pee, more than two big pee's a day is supposed to be abnormal. Sometimes urinary infections can take a while to clear. I am such a doom monger!
(don't mean to be honest)

las794 said...

LOL--honesty is the best policy (usually)! :D

The total of the tiny clumps didn't add up to two big pees, I'm sure, but I still wish Minnie would "get normal" before I have to take off for a few days at Xmas and upend her world again (a little, anyway--fortunately, she loves her catsitter).

Everycat said...

Minie get peeing please your Mom is getting worn out!

Some anti inflamatory from the vets might knock this on the head. There's one called Metacam which our vet uses, it's good but you have to go for the lowest dose as it can be rough on tum. Does Minnie have several bowls of water around the place, this might encourage her to drink more and pee out this darned infection.

We are all rooting for Minnie to get her pee on!


las794 said...

Minnie doesn't care for her water bowl--she prefers to drink out of a cereal bowl left in the sink (when I'm not looking!) or the tub drip or meow for Mom to fill her "special cup" (a tall plastic cup w/ a wide mouth). Hmmm...maybe I should elevate her water bowl....Anyway, she seems to drink a good amount overall.