Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting a little concerned

Minnie's been having bathroom difficulties lately. I had bought her a different kind of treat because I wasn't able to find her usual Dentabites at WalMart anymore and the new treat (tartar-control Temptations, beef flavor) gave her the runs. Dentabites are by Temptations, too, but they're a chlorophyll treat that really improves cat breath. They are kitty-approved in our household.  :)

I found the Dentabites at PetSmart last Saturday, but Minnie's still a little "loose". I don't know what else might be bugging her innards. I've tossed all the "suspect" kitty treats, and I know she's eating the same food as she was before she started having problems. She gets Purina ProPlan weight-management chicken-&-rice, plus a little of the ferals' Cat Chow (she likes the extra fat, I'm sure!), plus a spoonful of Friskies salmon wet food in the morning. Same as ever. How long does it take to shake off treat-related diarrhea?

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