Monday, October 6, 2008

New visitor

A new kitty has shown up to snack at my ferals' feeding station, a middling-sized orange & white cat. I haven't determined its gender yet--it's very wary and quick to get away when it sees me, so I haven't had a good look at its nether parts. I'm calling this newcomer K.P. (for "Kitchen Patrol") because he/she always cleans up the spilled food around the bowls. Waste not, want not! I'll try to get a photo soon.

That makes three cats I need to trap. I really need to do that before the weather turns much colder, as they'll have to spend a night in my garage in a trap before my KittiCo-type contact can take them to the vet for neutering. Neither of those prospects are fun for the cats in question, of course, but if you feed, you have to spay/neuter; otherwise, the feral population just explodes and you're really not helping them.

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