Sunday, October 19, 2008

Minnie vs. the Nazis

Put a sheet of paper down in the middle of a football field, and sooner or later, a cat will come along and sit on it. New things to sit on are just irresistible to the feline heart...which explains why my lovely cat Minnie is sitting on a Nazi flag in this photo. No, she hasn't gone skinhead, and neither have I--I'm just selling this thing for a little-old-lady friend of my sister. The lady's late husband brought the flag back from Europe after WWII, and it was recently caught up in a massive house-cleaning.

As you can see, Minnie knew exactly what to hand those Nazis. In the pic below, you can see her giving that flag what-for! (I shooed her off immediately, of course, since it's not mine and I have to sell it!)


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Hello! Blogger tells us you are a follower of our blog...thank you! We always feel that in comparison to some of the other cat blogs we don't have much to say.
Minnie is a lovely cat, and if you can't sell the flag (doubtful!) you could always line her litter box with it.

las794 said...

LOL! Excellent idea! :D