Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everything's cool

I spent a long time last weekend digging up every little piece of material I'll need to redo the bathroom, from big vanity modules to tiny shelf brackets, and I've plugged in all the costs I've collected. The total is a bit under $1,800--a lot better than I was expecting! I still need total costs for the floor tiles and almond wall tiles (gotta measure square footage), sheetrock (number of sheets required), cutting the glass shelves, the frosted vinyl-clad window (which I haven't found and will have to order, hopefully through Home Depot), baseboards (gotta measure that, too), incidental materials (nails, screws, wiring, etc.) which I probably won't know about until the day before we start demo, and labor for a tile guy. But I still don't think it'll go beyond $2,500. Not much beyond, anyway. (KNOCK WOOD!)

Yep, we can do this next March.  :)

I have no idea what I'm going to do about my kitty during all this remodeling--she's going to be so freaked out! Maybe I can board her with my regular cat-sitter, just until all the holes are filled in and the paint's dry. Will have to think on that.

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