Sunday, September 7, 2008

Costs up, but still OK

After measuring the floorspace for tile, the baseboard length for that, adding some stuff, dropping other stuff, & generally tweaking the numbers on my list of bathroom remodeling supplies, my estimated total so far is a little under $2,200--quite a bit higher than before, but still under my $2,500 cap. So we're OK. And several questions have been answered, including where I'm going to get a frosted-glass window (order it from Home Depot, no biggie, and now I know how to measure my existing window properly, although I have to tear the wooden trim off to do it).

One other question of world-shaking importance is resolved, too--I've found an adapter that will allow me to replace my long-gone tub overflow plate with the little white cutie pictured here. Just makes ya smile to look at it, doesn't it?!  :D

Oh, and I ordered the adapter. That's Remodel Item #3.

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