Saturday, September 27, 2008

Uh oh....

Saw a rather disturbing thing yesterday afternoon--my female cat, Minnie, sprayed the fence in the backyard. The neighbors were mowing and weed-eating at the time, so there was a lot of racket going on, plus there were at least two ferals in my yard at the time, so I hope Minnie was just freaked out by all the noise and felt the need to mark her territory. (It was the fence between us and the noisy neighbors that she sprayed.) I've never seen her spray before, nor found any suspicious spots in the house, so maybe it was a one-time occurrence.

I've heard that some female cats do spray, and she is a very dominant kitty--she puts her paw down with the visiting ferals and lets them know she's in charge. Hopefully, she won't make a habit of spraying. I really think it was just all the noise...I hope.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stuff I learned last weekend

To wit:
  • "Condo" is not necessarily synonymous with "luxury." On the other hand, if it is accompanied by the word "free," it is plenty luxurious.

  • Wedding dresses have no pockets, so if the bride has to carry the groom's ring, where will she keep it? Three guesses, but you'll only need one!

  • It is possible to forget almost everything about swimming (after, say, a 20-year layoff) and still have a great time in a pool.

  • It is also possible to have a great time in a pool despite being 40 or 50 pounds heavier than the last time you wore a swimsuit.

  • With lovely greenery comes monster humidity.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Not quite as dry as usual...

The area where I live is normally pretty dry--not as arid as, say, Las Cruces, NM, where my sister and I once spent almost an entire, busy, tea-slugging, blistering-hot day not peeing at all because the place was so dry our bodies refused to turn loose of any moisture. Anyway, it's pretty dry here; we get an average of 18" of precipitation per year. Not yesterday, oh my goodness no--in the space of 24 hours, we got around eight (that's 8!) inches of rain, and the landscape is way too flat around here to handle that much rain in so short a timespan. Playa lakes filled to capacity, businesses in the worst-hit areas flooded, cars were swept off the road, water rushed in torrents at every intersection, and nearly every street had developed twin rivers running down either side. A guy from my office spent three grueling hours trying to get home yesterday; his little old Ford Aspire (which aspires to be a real car) stalled four times and was almost washed away once. He called in to work this morning, determined not to drive again until the city dried out sufficiently that he wouldn't be taking his life in his hands. Turned out he didn't have to--every school in the city was closed, including the university where we work! Now that's a bad rainy spell!

I had no real trouble driving home yesterday, unlike my workmate, although every loonie in town was out in force, driving as if the streets were bone-dry--darting in front of other cars & so forth. Lord, people are dumb....I drove like an old lady all the way home and was very relieved when I got there.

So I heard on the clock radio this morning that my place of business was closed for the day and I happily snuggled in for another two hours of sleep (well, dozing, anyway--my cat was eager to get outside for her morning constitutional, since the rain had finally stopped, and she did her best to stave off the sandman by meowing or walking across me or both every few minutes). After breakfast, I settled in for some online game-playing and email. Got the email taken care of, but then something in my CPU went crackle-pop-burn and that was it for the computer. Unable to fix the problem myself, I had to hang on the phone with India for three hours. The verdict is probably a dead hard drive (I've never had one go bad on me all at once, so I can't verify that that's correct). Then I spent another fun three hours getting my old laptop (which I'd almost completely wiped in preparation for selling it) to work for me again, including loading a year's worth of updates. It was a rather frustrating day, but everything's working now--well, except for my desktop PC, and that'll work in a few days. And the fix is within warranty, thank goodness.

Poor Minnie, she hasn't gotten much attention today. I'll make it up to her with laser tag & snuggles tonight.  :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

New remodeling plans

I updated my scratchy old floorplan and elevations for the bathroom remodeling project, putting things where they are now intended to go and adding some color for reference. You can see them all on my Flickr site.  :)

The light sconces won't have a square white border around them, of course--that's just the background of a JPG I placed in the Illustrator document.

The colors in the accent tile/paint areas aren't exact, of course, but they'll be somewhere in that range (think roughly Jim Beam, chocolate, and French vanilla ice cream... and try not to puke at the thought of those foods all together). The pattern of the accent paint is totally off; I don't think I'll have a good bead on what it'll look like until we actually start painting it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Costs up, but still OK

After measuring the floorspace for tile, the baseboard length for that, adding some stuff, dropping other stuff, & generally tweaking the numbers on my list of bathroom remodeling supplies, my estimated total so far is a little under $2,200--quite a bit higher than before, but still under my $2,500 cap. So we're OK. And several questions have been answered, including where I'm going to get a frosted-glass window (order it from Home Depot, no biggie, and now I know how to measure my existing window properly, although I have to tear the wooden trim off to do it).

One other question of world-shaking importance is resolved, too--I've found an adapter that will allow me to replace my long-gone tub overflow plate with the little white cutie pictured here. Just makes ya smile to look at it, doesn't it?!  :D

Oh, and I ordered the adapter. That's Remodel Item #3.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Remodel item #2

I love eBay--now it's yielded the Avalon tub/shower faucet set including valve. The total cost, including shipping, was about $10 less than the cost of the trim set only (not including shipping) that I was watching elsewhere...and I didn't realize until tonight that it was only trim, so I'm glad I spotted this complete set on eBay. The lowest price I found for a comparable set in a quick search tonight is $90 more than I just paid for the set from eBay.

Hey, if I could have bought both faucet sets locally, I would have. I checked first.

That's all I can do in September, though--no more deals this month!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everything's cool

I spent a long time last weekend digging up every little piece of material I'll need to redo the bathroom, from big vanity modules to tiny shelf brackets, and I've plugged in all the costs I've collected. The total is a bit under $1,800--a lot better than I was expecting! I still need total costs for the floor tiles and almond wall tiles (gotta measure square footage), sheetrock (number of sheets required), cutting the glass shelves, the frosted vinyl-clad window (which I haven't found and will have to order, hopefully through Home Depot), baseboards (gotta measure that, too), incidental materials (nails, screws, wiring, etc.) which I probably won't know about until the day before we start demo, and labor for a tile guy. But I still don't think it'll go beyond $2,500. Not much beyond, anyway. (KNOCK WOOD!)

Yep, we can do this next March.  :)

I have no idea what I'm going to do about my kitty during all this remodeling--she's going to be so freaked out! Maybe I can board her with my regular cat-sitter, just until all the holes are filled in and the paint's dry. Will have to think on that.