Saturday, August 23, 2008

Release the hounds!

I'm totally wiped, but it's been a very productive weekend so far. I've had visitors in the persons of my bathroom designer and contractor (otherwise known as sister A. and bro-in-law V.) and we finally have a color scheme! We couldn't make any progress until that was established; now I can start collecting stuff for the Big Remodel next spring. We found a gorgeous multicolored glass mosaic tile for the accent color band in the tub/shower area, A's got a great idea for a matching color band on the painted walls, and I've chosen a finish for the sink faucet and tub/shower hardware. V. checked out the floor and found no "squishy" areas that would need repairs, plus he said the rusty spot on my art deco iron tub isn't so bad, after all, so I get to keep it. And A. & I found two modular vanity pieces that can be put together with some small, hand-built shelves to make a 44" vanity, the top of which will be made from Hardiboard (I think that's what it's called) with a nice, old-fashioned white oval sink plopped into it and tile over the rest matching the base-color tile in the tub/shower area. We also found a great tile for the floor. V. also says we can reverse the bathroom door so that it's hinged on the right side instead of the left, and will open flat against the water heater closet door (which is dead space most of the time) instead of right up against the vanity (which is tremendously in the way and just makes the bathroom look smaller).

This afternoon, after returning from an extended browse through Home Depot to collect prices on various supplies, A. & I used blue painter's tape to mark off areas in the bathroom where the various paint, tile, and other areas will be. It's going to look wonderful! The best room in the house!

Which, of course, means I'll have to fix up the rest of the house.  :D  Well, I was planning to do that, anyway...although not soon!

Tomorrow, I'll knock out some new sketches of the rearranged remodeling plan, plus pix of the tile samples we brought back, along with any pix I can find of all the stuff we picked out at Home Depot, etc. And I'm going to redo my budget to include a small allowance for remodeling supplies each month, which won't hurt my debt payoff amount too much and will help me keep the remodeling costs on a cash basis as much as possible (because we all know the evils of credit cards).

This is so much fun!  :)  Come back for colors and tile tomorrow!

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