Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oil man promotes ditching oil as energy source

This is interesting. Famous oil man T. Boone Pickens is now pushing American self-sufficiency via wind power, natural gas, and solar power, rather than continuing to drain the country paying for oil so that Middle Eastern sheiks can get richer and tighten their stranglehold on us. Pickens doesn't seem to have a political agenda (or maybe it's just not obvious to me). Anyway, T. Boone's "plan" is worth a read.

Oil is one addiction we, as a nation, could definitely stand to break, for both environmental and national security reasons.


Anonymous said...

Cool, and thanks for the invite! I will check it out. Here's another good site, with all sides of the debate actively represented (the moderators are academics or engineers, so the posting tends to be fairly intelligent and well-supported).

Have a good weekend! :)


las794 said...

I'll check it out--thanks!