Sunday, July 20, 2008

Remodeling plans

Now that I can see the light at the end of the Debt Tunnel, I've started getting serious about remodeling my ugly, water-damaged bathroom, both for myself and for future sale of the house (way down the road). So far, I've got a list of work that needs to be done...and, boy, there's a bunch of it, more than I'd realized. Just as in programming a seemingly simple task, when you break it down into specific events, there's an amazing lot of 'em. Here's my list so far--and it doesn't even include color and design yet!

Bathroom Changes
  • remove ugly old brown masonite
  • replace drywall (there's probably water damage)
  • fix leak coming from outside window (to prevent more water damage)
  • remove carpet & replace with tile or vinyl
  • cover edge of hall carpet with metal carpet threshold (if necessary--not sure)
  • replace tub hardware (including built-in shower head); should match sink hardware (might have to replace sink faucet, too)
  • re-enamel rusty place on tub where a round metal thing (overflow drain cover?) used to go (want to keep tub, if possible)
  • remove wood trim around tub & replace with plastic trim or just caulk
  • tile tub/shower area
  • install safety bars in tub/shower area (cuz I ain't no spring chicken)
  • install beadboard halfway up wall in rest of room (maybe, if it doesn't make a small room look even smaller)
  • replace weird many-part door to water heater with a 1- or 2-part door (to look neater; just make from lumber & add door handle[s], since door will be an odd size) (Clarification: The space were the WH is used to be a linen closet with the WH up on a high shelf, of all silly things. But after the original WH died--and leaked all over my towels--I had the shelves taken out & the next WH put, sensibly, on the floor. Now, of course, there's no storage in the bathroom except for two little drawers in the vanity and the space under the sink with the broken floor where I keep a few cleansers & the litterbox-scooping stuff. My towels reside in the bottom drawer of my dresser.)
  • paint walls, trim, & new water heater door (off-white or pale yellow, probably)
  • take out rotten wood window sill over tub & replace with minimal plastic or other waterproof window frame
  • replace broken vanity with new one (including sink), possibly reaching from current right-hand point to wall at left (with sink in right half of vanity--not sure that's possible)
  • add narrow linen storage, either a tall unit to left of new same-size vanity or a short unit sitting on left end of new wider vanity
  • replace medicine chest & move it down to my (average) height (the person who installed the existing medicine chest must have been 7 feet tall!)
  • install light over medicine chest (the old one died & fell off the wall years ago)
  • replace ugly towel bars, switchplate, & drawer/door handles
  • replace ceiling light fixture with something that goes with new "look"
  • ditto towels, toothbrush holder, cup, etc.

Current Stuff to Keep
  • tub (just fix rusty area & add the hardware that goes there)
  • toilet
  • window
  • ceiling (maybe--see "Possible Repairs")

Possible Repairs
  • plumbing behind tub/shower wall
  • subfloor (check for rot)
  • update ancient wiring for light over medicine cabinet (it's weird in there)
  • ceiling has a leak stain; find/fix leak & replace ceiling tiles (might leave that for roof repair & insulation project later on)

Like I said, quite a bit to consider. Next stop: Home Depot for ideas about the vanity, hardware, and so forth...and some idea of how much the materials will cost. Labor is still up in the air.

There are other repair/remodeling projects coming later, but this one needs to be done first. I'd like to have the bathroom done after the last of my debt is paid off, but the tub faucet's growing leak might hurry things up a bit (it'd be stupid to replace the tub faucet before doing the remodeling, since it would all have to be torn up again later). I'll wait as long as the leak doesn't get too bad.

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