Monday, July 28, 2008

Notes, various

Bathroom notes
We've decided to ditch the ceiling's acoustic tile altogether and put up new sheetrock--that tile is gross, anyway. And the new window will be all frosted glass, so I'll be able to ditch the blinds, as well. And the toilet lid I was thinking of changing to a color is staying white so as not to "draw the eye down and clutter up the 'openness' we are trying to achieve," sez my personal designer (sister A.). Sounds good by me.

Still haven't decided about the flooring, but I know the walls will be pale yellow except for a broad stripe around the room (including the tub/shower area tiles) to visually lengthen the room. The yellow paint is about the only known quantity at this point. But, hey! that's some progress! What color the stripe will be, I dunno yet. It depends on the colors of tiles we find while roaming around the home improvement stores.

Cat notes
Since I restarted the feral feeding program, I decided to take another shot at flea-doping Leo--and I got him. First time in two months, and I had to sneak up on him, of course. Now he can rub on me all he wants.

Minnie, that adventurous soul, has been spending a lot of time outside despite the hot, muggy weather. Why anyone in a permanent fur coat would want to hang out in a steam bath when they could lounge around in a nice cool house is beyond me. I guess she's just tough (or more interested in stuff outside). She also spends a lot of time outside when it's bone-chillingly cold.

Health notes
Haven't lost an ounce yet. In fact, I think I've gained another pound. *le sigh* Guess I better try harder.

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