Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Cavin' in here, boss!"

OK, I caved--the ferals' feeding station is in operation again. Yes, I'm a wimp, the limpest noodle in the bowl. Here's a photo of my boss, Leo, who has been pitching his piercing meows at me everytime he sees me, whether I'm inside or out. "FEED ME, FEED ME, FEED ME!" OK, so SHUT UP already! You'll notice in the picture that he fairly glows with demonic energy.

So much for independence from the stink of cat pee--I'm sure it'll come back along with most of my furry visitors.

Well, Minnie made it difficult, for one thing, because she sometimes doesn't come back from her morning constitutional in time for me to get her inside before I have to leave for work, which means she's stuck outside all day, which means she'll need food and water. Twice last week, I had to leave food and water outside--and I had to leave a lot, plenty for several cats, because otherwise Minnie wouldn't have gotten a bite all day. Leo lapped it up, of course, and took it as encouragement for a renewed attack upon my resolve (which was weakening already; I missed my feral kitties).

I'm not going overboard, though. One shelter, one food bowl, one water bowl--that's it. And if they want to fight about it, let 'em--I'm not breaking up fights anymore.

Anyway, I promised Leo's late big brother that I'd take care of him. And if one can't be relied upon to keep one's promises to dead cats, well, just what is the world coming to?!?

BTW, two points and a Kewpie doll to anyone who recognizes the origin of this post's homage-paying title. (Well, two points, anyway.)

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