Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bathroom plan, short version

Sister A. whittled my scary-big list of remodeling tasks down to a list of work done in "layers," which sounds a lot less scary:
  1. Gut the bathroom down to the studs and subfloor. Send the tub to be refinished. Retain the toilet to be reset.
  2. Repair/replace subfloor as necessary and install new flooring.
  3. Reset toilet. (Sure hope these first three steps can be done in one day, or I'll have to rent a port-a-john!)
  4. Replace/repair electrical.
  5. Replace/repair plumbing.
  6. Install new vinyl-clad window and frame.
  7. Install new moisture-proof sheetrock.
  8. Reset tub.
  9. Tile tub area and set grab bars.
  10. Install new water heater closet door, medicine cabinet, vanity, and linen cabinet.
  11. Paint.
  12. Install new light fixtures.
  13. Install new towel bars, switch plate covers, cabinet knobs, and décor items.
Sounds easier, doesn't it? OK, maybe not, but it's shorter!

I've started compiling a list of goodies I want in my bathroom, thanks to Amazon's new Universal Wish List button, which allows you to collect wish list items from any online store. (Unsolicited plug, there.) I can put stuff from Home Depot & Lowe's & whoever else all in one place--very handy! Mom, you know how to find it.  :)

Today, I take pix and measurements. I'll post the pix on Flickr later.

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