Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding finery

So this is going to be a church wedding, with the bride (my sister, A.) in a gorgeous, sparkly, champagne-colored formal dress and the groom in a snappy tux, which means I need to look decent (being a bridesmaid & all). Fortunately, I'm spared the usual hideous bridesmaid's dress and got to pick out my own togs. After much searching, I found a nice pantsuit in the fat ladies' section of a store at the mall (that shows you how desperate I got, that I'd set foot in the mall!). It's made of a nifty crinkly fabric (55% linen/45% rayon) with spots of beadwork and embroidery, and it looks pretty good on me (despite the fact that there's currently too much of me). It's turquoise, sorta--it has less green than what I think of as turquoise. Maybe electric blue? Anyway, it's bright, but not loud.

And, of course, one must have shoes to go with it. Nobody local carries my weird size, so I've had to express-mail two pairs of white dress shoes. Yes, I only need one, but the first pair of pumps was SO painful to wear (and not quite narrow enough) that the day after I received them, I picked out a different pair from a specialty outfit I've done a lot of business with, this time ordering flats, also white, also with a pointy toe, but not as pointy. I'll send the first pair back as soon as I confirm the second pair is present, accounted for, and fits.

I don't really have a shoe fetish, although I look at shoes rather a lot, and I have a permanent search set up on eBay for my size and favorite attributes (or, rather, the attributes I don't want). You try fitting a 9.5 narrow foot--9.5 AA or even AAA in pumps--and see if you're not a little obsessed with shoes!

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